I know it’s not quite December…yet. But it’s time to start thinking about your holiday game plan.


Because starting now on a few simple things will really help you craft a more meaningful and peaceful holiday season.

3 Things to Do Now to Simplify Your Holidays

  1. Make Lists of Gifts & a December Meal Plan
  2. Declutter & Tidy Toys & Clothes
  3. Plan for Homemade Gifts & Treats

3 Things To Do Now to Simplify Your Holidays

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Make Lists & a Meal Plan

First, decide where you’ll keep the lists! Some options include:

  • On your computer in Evernote
  • In your planner on a blank page at the back
  • In a special Holidays binder. Here’s an idea for how to Create a Holiday Binder.

Then just make a list of all those you’ll be buying for. So you’ll have a place to jot down ideas as they come to you.

Need some gift ideas to add to your lists?

Check out my Gift Guides:

Next, create a Meal Plan for December. Keep it super simple.

I use Plan to Eat. It’s an online meal-planning tool. They have a free trial. And every year around Thanksgiving, they have a 50% off SALE!

Read about how I use this meal planning tool here: Meal Planning for Your Family Made Easy.


In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, you can involve the whole family in decluttering and tidying. Need some ideas?

  • Set aside an hour and a half on the weekend to declutter together.
  • If you have really little ones, say under the age of seven, parents can do this without their help and without discussion. (Believe me, it’s really best. Read Simplicity Parenting if you are in doubt.)
  • With children between the ages of 7-10, do it with them. Just be sure to model decluttering your own stuff too!
  • With children over the age of 10 or 12, ask them if they want help.

Plan for Homemade

Making homemade gifts takes time! Plan for it.

I like to weave in the gift-making with great stories about giving. This is our main lesson block plan for December!

Here are some ideas for examples…

That’s it. Just three simple things you can do now to simplify your holidays.

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