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You’re a Holistic Homeschooler

You want to feel calm and on top of it all. You can! Here’s how.

Just use my Homeschool Rhythm Starter Kit to create your unique homeschool rhythm. Here’s everything you need to keep it simple, inspiring, and doable.

Step into the flow. Release the overwhelm!

    What if Having a Daily Rhythm is THE Answer? I believe it is.

    This rhythm starter kit will help you to…

    • TAME THE CHAOS that lurks just around the corner
    • DISCOVER WHY your family goes bonkers when the days and nights have no rhyme or reason
    • SIMPLIFY LIFE so you’re in charge again and the lessons get done
    • SEE REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES of rhythm charts so you can create one that meets your family’s unique needs
    “Thank you for making this easy. I have been struggling with rhythm for years!
    ~ Sara, homeschooling mom of 3

    Embrace the Circles of Rhythm That Already Exist in Your Life

    Discover how to cooperate with the natural rhythms of life. Your homeschool days can FLOW. Find your pace and space in daily life!

    Design a Homeschool Rhythm That Actually Works for YOU

    Map out what you already know about your family’s rhythm, add to it, take away, and fine tune the details. Be guided through the process so you won’t forget often-missed elements of a balanced rhythm.

    Receive Community-Sourced Ideas

    See real-life examples of rhythm charts created by other homeschool families who share what works for them. These visuals will give you plenty of inspiration to create your daily rhythm chart and hang it on the fridge!

    My rhythm can be SO SIMPLE.
    AND…rhythm can help me SIMPLIFY!
    ~ Your Future Self

    Hi, I’m Jean!

    I love helping homeschoolers start where they are and feel good about themselves.

    Since 2008, I’ve helped hundreds of parents find their way to thriving in homeschooling, no matter what approach they use.

    Starting in the early 1990s, I homeschooled our 3 children for 25+ years until they all flew the nest!

    In 2013, I founded Art of Homeschooling! And here, I offer online courses, coaching, planning tools, an online membership community, and in-person retreats for holistic homeschoolers.

    I live in northeastern Ohio with my husband where I love to hike, sing, read, and cook!

    Step into the Flow and Reduce Overwhelm Today.

    Download the Homeschool Rhythm Starter Kit to experience more simplicity and connection in your homeschool!