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Episode 100: Reflectionsof a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later
Reflections of a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later Hey there, my friend! This episode of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast is Reflections of a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later. And guess what? This is Episode #100 of the podcast!!! Whoa! So exciting. As I’m recording this episode, I’ve just returned ... Read More
Episode 99: Fall Baking with Kids
Fall Baking with Kids Fall is fast approaching! And I'm starting to think about fall baking with kids! Just yesterday, a flock of geese flew overhead, going south. First time this year. And every time I experience that, this fall poem pops into my head: "Over the housetops, over the ... Read More
Episode 98: Why We Love Monarch Butterflies
Why We Love Monarch Butterflies Welcome to a warm and wonderful conversation on the Art of Homeschooling podcast with my dear friend, Janet Kramer, all about why we love monarch butterflies. Thanks for joining us! As homeschoolers, parents, community members, and global citizens, raising monarchs has been an amazing experience ... Read More

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About the Podcast

The Art of Homeschooling Podcast is for parents who are ready to shine in homeschooling. In each new episode, we share stories and strategies so you can drop the overwhelm and get in touch with inspiration. You CAN create a homeschool life you love. 

I’m your host, Jean Miller, homeschooling mother of three now-grown children. And here at the Art of Homeschooling, we keep it sweet and simple so you can focus on cultivating inspiration in your home.