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Choosing to Homeschool
Episode 110: Choosing to Homeschool
Choosing To Homeschool On the podcast today, we’re talking all about choosing to homeschool. For so many of us, myself included, homeschooling is not just a one and done decision. We choose homeschooling over and over again throughout our family's educational journey as we seek out the best educational setting ... Read More
Episode 109: Empowered by Gratitude
Empowered By Gratitude Here's a memory I have about feeling empowered by gratitude: When I was a freshman in college, my friend Lisa and I would study for exams in the lounge at the end of our hall. Up on the third floor in Branscomb. One night, we were studying ... Read More
Episode 108: My #1 Piece of Advice to All Homeschoolers
My #1 Piece of Advice to All Homeschoolers I’m super excited today to reveal to you, dear listener, my #1 piece of advice to all homeschoolers. And here it is… Start with simplicity. Return to simplicity. Embrace simplicity. This is my #1 piece of advice to all homeschoolers. Allow your ... Read More

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The Art of Homeschooling Podcast is for parents who are ready to shine in homeschooling. In each new episode, we share stories and strategies so you can drop the overwhelm and get in touch with inspiration. You CAN create a homeschool life you love. 

I’m your host, Jean Miller, homeschooling mother of three now-grown children. And here at the Art of Homeschooling, we keep it sweet and simple so you can focus on cultivating inspiration in your home.