Waldorf curriculum by grade
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Discover the wonders of each stage of learning so you can…

✨ Bring your children exactly what they need
✨ Let go of the anxiety about what you “should” be doing with your kids
✨ Homeschool with more confidence & less stress
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    “This is an amazing resource! So, so helpful to zoom out and see the path from above when you’re slogging through the day to day minutiae of homeschooling! It’s amazing!!!🤩”
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    Want to bring stories & lessons to your children that satisfy their whole being?

    This sweet little Ages & Stages Guide will help you to…

    • TUNE IN to the unique stage of learning your child is currently experiencing
    • HAVE MORE EMPATHY & a spirit of discovery about how to handle challenges with your child
    • CREATE LESSON BLOCKS that align with your child’s developmental needs
    • GET INSPIRED so you can creatively adjust your lessons
    • EXPLORE THE WALDORF APPROACH & how it holistically responds to the journey of childhood

    You bought the curriculum but…

    You still feel lost and overwhelmed.
    I’m here to show you the big picture and offer you a sense of peace.

    Ages & Stages will guide you to connect with your child from a place of curiosity.
    So you can approach each age and stage of learning with delight.

    “Thank you! Thank you for putting things so clearly and simply. It’s very encouraging to someone like me who gets so overwhelmed with all the information that’s out there.
    ~ Kamala

    Here’s What’s Inside Ages & Stages

    For each grade K-8, you’ll find a description of children at that age, how they see and interact with the world, as well as how they tend to behave.

    Then you’ll see what lesson topics, activities, or projects you might bring to match that stage of development, a description grade by grade.

    Ages & Stages is grounded in the Waldorf approach, offering you support to go alongside whatever curriculum you use and guidance as you craft your lessons.

    The Waldorf approach is holistic and emphasizes the development of the whole child ~ intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual ~ through a curriculum that integrates the arts, practical skills, and experiential learning.

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    Step back, observe, & see your child with fresh eyes.

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