Bring on the Singing

In this podcast episode, I want to encourage you to sing in your homeschool, to bring on the singing. Because sharing our voices with our children is both healing and connecting and that’s what we want more than anything else.

Singing generates warm, wonderful feelings and it’s like expressing emotions with sound. While singing calls on us to be brave, the connection it creates with the listener is a beautiful thing.

People sing children to sleep with lullabies, sing together to celebrate holidays, and sing to make someone feel special like in the happy birthday song.

The voice is really a special instrument. Singing even promotes relaxation through regulated breathing, and can calm our nerves and reduce our stress.

Studies show that singing helps to generate happiness and has a positive effect on relationships. ( The ice-breaker effect: singing mediates fast social bonding.)

I know many of us are intimidated by singing. I was too, believe it or not. When I was in high school, I played the violin but I also wanted to sing in the choir. The choir director told me to stick to the violin.

But I found my voice during our homeschooling years. And now I love to sing. It just takes practice. It’s not about perfection but really all about connection as I often say.

So let’s celebrate singing. I have a lot of song recordings sprinkled throughout my website and I’ve rounded them all up for you here.

Bring on the Singing!

There is such a sense of celebration with verses and songs. And a sense of aliveness. Singing together is more like meditation and prayer. Really, it’s a form of inner work ~ a way to get quiet and connect with what really matters.

No matter the season at your house, you can learn some new songs to sing with your children.

Songs for Spring

Here you’ll find a lovely poem to share with your children, a sweet song, and a longer poem that’s perfect for inner work: Verses and Songs to Welcome Spring

  • The Snowdrop by Christina Owen
  • The Winter Now is Over (song lyrics + recording)
  • Psalm to Virgin Spring by Edward Hays 

Here you can Learn 3 New Songs for Spring

  • Look at the Beauty
  • Early One Morning
  • New Life’s Coming

Songs for Peace

When words fail, music speaks. Here I Offer You Songs of Peace.

  • Deep Peace 
  • We Are One
  • May We Be at Peace ~ a song written by a friend of mine from the words of a Buddhist prayer

Songs for Fall

A beautiful song for fall, The Winds of October

This sweet song travels up and down the scale in such a way that it sounds like leaves floating to the ground. The lyrics start out with…

Scarlet and yellow,
Golden and brown,
Winds of October
Blow the leaves down.

~the winds of october

This is a simple song you can sing in a round. Check out the link for a song sheet, audio recording, and a video to learn to play this one on the recorder.

Singing for Your Children & Yourself

It is within us all to express ourselves through music and it’s a rich part of the human experience. Jodie Mesler of Living Music says that music can come alive in each and every one of us.

There are so many benefits to learning about music and even learning a simple musical instrument like the penny whistle or recorder with your child.

Within the Inspired at Home membership community, you’ll find a collection of songs and verses for each month of the year to inspire you to bring music, singing, and rich, imaginative language to your children. You’ll also find over 25 masterclasses for making your homeschooling come alive.

Through singing, we can access healing and happiness. And it is so powerful to join together in community to sing with others.

One way to experience this joy and magic in person is the Taproot Teacher Training held every year in August. We join together for a large group circle outdoors on a green hill and lift our voices up to support each other and to grow as parents and homeschoolers.

Whether you sing with others, with your children, or at the kitchen sink, bring on the singing!

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