Spring has sprung! And I have some ideas to help you celebrate with your children, your family and friends, or as part of your own inner work. Here are some verses and songs to welcome spring.

Verses and Songs to Welcome Spring

Every year around the spring equinox, I gather with my singing circle and we create a ritual to welcome the new season. This ritual includes verses, songs, and an egg. I have included a few new ideas for you here in hopes of sparking a little joy.

A Verse and a Song for Spring

The Snowdrop by Christina Owen

I found a tiny snowdrop, blooming in the cold,
I’ll share with you the secret the little flower told:
“Though winter still is here, it isn’t long to stay.
I came ahead to tell you that spring is on the way.”

Yesterday, just before preparing for our ritual, I heard my first red-winged blackbird of the year! They don’t usually arrive at our house until April, so a little early this year, but it’s always a welcomed and magical sound to hear their trill.

Here is a song about the blackbird and spring for you to learn.

The Winter Now is Over

The winter now is over, the longest nights have passed.
I know I heard this morning the blackbird’s call at last.

Blackbird! Blackbird! The spring is coming fast.
I know I heard this morning the blackbird’s call at last.

The Winter Now Is Over recording:

If you want more songs, check out Learn 3 New Songs for Spring.

Our Spring Equinox ritual varies a bit from year to year, but we always include an egg in the festivities. 

The Egg Ritual

Make enough hard-boiled eggs for each person to have one. Then get quiet and do some sort of visualization to imagine what you want to “plant” in your life. What do you want to cultivate more of, bring to life? 

Next, write words or decorate your egg with symbols of these seed ideas. 

Wrap your egg in tissue paper, sprinkle in some wildflower seeds, and then bury it in the earth somewhere in your yard. 

This year, my egg says three things.

  • Connection to the divine.
  • Savor the slow.
  • Say “yes” to life. 

I have one more poem I want to share with you. This is perfect for your own inner work as a Mama, because you are the one who keeps everything growing and humming in your home. 

A Verse for Your Inner Work

Psalm to Virgin Spring by Edward Hays
from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim

Drawn upward by some hidden power,
life is cracking the crust of the earth
and bursting forth from limb and stem.
Your aroma, O Life-giver,
Is upon the springtime wind,
and I feel its power
stirring deep within me.

Green is your color, O God,
the green of new life
that lovingly transfigures earth’s dreariness,
long held prisoner
by the icy web of winter’s cold.

Green up my heart with hope,
in your perpetual promise of life.
Send forth from my soul
new shoots, fresh buds
eager to grow in your divine image.

May this year’s visit of virgin Spring
make my heart a virgin once again 
intoxicated with wild love for you,
whom I discover in all things
and in everyone.

Want more inspiration like this? We have verses & songs for every month of the year inside the Inspired at Home Community. Come join us!

May your springtime be full of awakenings and renewal.

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  1. absolutely lovely. Thank you. I am a new subscriber and I find that turning to your newsletter inoculates me from the cynicism that I sometimes feel from the world. Your ideas are so wholesome and nourish like a good bone broth.

    1. Thanks so much, Ali. Glad to have you here. And I am so pleased to hear that my newsletter and blog help keep the cynicism about the world at bay. I honestly think that’s the nicest thing someone could say about my work. Because we all need a bit more hope and reassurance these days. Parenting is such important work and my goal is to nourish and inspire others to bring more joy and connection to our relationships. We can only do that from a place of commitment and confidence and self-love. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you for this, Jean! I so enjoy your newsletter and find myself internally gathering from your writing. I set to learning the song above and have been singing it as I go about doing my chores. Next, I will introduce it to my children. I agree with the comment above, about your newsletter, blog, website being wholesome and nourishing.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I love singing while I go about my chores. And it’s a great idea to bring a song into your life that way before introducing it to your children. Thanks for sharing that. Happy Spring 🙂

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