When I talk to parents about planning main lesson blocks, they often ask, “How can I easily focus on Waldorf painting and drawing?

Here’s how the conversation usually goes.

I am explaining the 3-part lesson in a 2-day rhythm like this, “on Day One, you present new material with a story, and then you paint a picture or draw into the main lesson book. On Day Two, you revisit that story and write a summary into the lesson book.”

Most parents reply, “OK, I can do that. Except I don’t really know how to paint or draw.

Well, what then?

Often I find myself saying you just have to do it. Just start, and you will learn as you go along.

But over and over again, I hear from clients that they never get to it because they feel inadequate, not prepared. They don’t know how to do the drawing and painting in the Waldorf style, so this stops them. Many parents simply avoid moving forward with their main lesson block. They get stalled and hung up here.

(Can you tell this is all very familiar to me? When my children were young, I had this fantasy that if only I could freeze them for about five years to go and learn everything I needed to about Waldorf, then maybe I could come back and feel prepared to homeschool them!)

Unless you have an opportunity to attend a live workshop (like the Taproot Teacher Training), it can be very intimidating and even difficult to learn the Lively Arts.

Until now!

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Today, I am very excited to share with you a review of the Weekly Art Lessons from Waldorfish. Robyn and Brian at Waldorfish have put together an online program in the arts that is fun, easy to use, and so very do-able for Waldorf homeschoolers. So you can easily focus on Waldorf painting and drawing in your homeschool.

A Few Details on the Weekly Art – Foundations lessons from Waldorfish:

  • You get 34 lessons total, mid-August – May.
  • For the 2020/2021 homeschool year, registration is open until September 11.
  • You can purchase the full year or pay in monthly installments.
  • The lessons are delivered via video in an online learning platform. You just login. Plus, you have lifetime access to these lessons after purchasing.
  • You can watch these lessons yourself, and then teach them to your children. Or, you can watch and do them with your children.

Easily Teach Painting and Drawing in Your Homeschool - a Review of Weekly Art from Waldorfish

I had an opportunity to do four lessons from last year’s Weekly Art, now available as Bundle #2. This bundle includes a crayon drawing landscape, veil painting, a chalk drawing, and a pencil drawing. I’d never done veil painting before (because I didn’t know how! Yes, it’s true). And the chalk drawing on paper was my favorite!

If you don’t want to do the full year of lessons, you can purchase one or all of three Bundles with four lessons each from last year’s weekly art classes.

Here are some of my drawings and paintings.

Each month of the Weekly Art Lessons has a variety of types of lessons. The lessons are easy to access and include a list of specific supplies needed for that lesson, and often two videos. The videos are usually under 15 minutes and teach a variety of techniques while walking you through the project.

I highly recommend Weekly Art – Foundations lessons to all homeschoolers. Just click the link above for more details and to enroll. *Please note: if you’ve already taken Weekly Art, you’ll want to get in touch with Waldorfish to enroll in their Weekly Art – Diving Deeper course.

I can imagine a family doing art lessons once a week, say on Friday afternoons, and using the Weekly Art Lessons from Waldorfish to guide this art experience. You could set aside an hour to an hour and a half for a fabulous addition to your weekly rhythm.

Not only would you have the experience of creating a piece of art together each week, the tips and techniques from these lessons would then carry over into your main lesson block work.

My only minor challenge with this program is that the videos move rather quickly. You may not finish your picture during the video. But the beauty of video is that you can pause it and resume, or go back and review different sections. The teaching is excellent and the philosophy refreshing.

So rather than stressing about how and when you’re going to learn to paint or draw, just have fun doing Weekly Art Lessons. And the techniques and skills you experiment with will carry over into your other homeschooling lessons.

Just from the four lessons I did in Bundle #2, I learned new tips on shading while drawing, blending colors, value and texture, and patience!

One of my favorite qualities of Weekly Art – Foundations lessons is that many times Brian or Robyn will say just use whatever materials you happen to have on hand – a regular pencil is fine, or just grab some computer paper and start drawing.

This attitude is so refreshing in the world of Waldorf education where so often we have this sense that everything has to be done a particular way. Then that becomes another stumbling block for many, bringing up feelings of inadequacy and resistance. If we don’t quite know how to do it, we’ll just wait until that illusive day somewhere in the future when we learn the proper way and then we can bring it to our children.

Well, wait no longer and get your hands on either the Weekly Art Lessons or one of the Bundles. Waldorfish also offers Waldorf Art for Beginners.  My recommendation would be to do the Weekly Art – Foundations all year September through May.

You can try a Free Sample Lesson here.

What are your goals for art in your homeschool this year?

If you want some suggestions, click here to get Your Guide to Lively Homeschooling.


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  1. Thank you for this opportunity Jean and Waldorfish! I am looking for art lessons that are easily digestible for my husband and myself as I want to have art with our 5 & 7 year olds to be a whole family session which includes dad each week. Including dad in our homeschooling is an important goal for our family. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. I have a four year old and his drawing currently goes as much as putting colors or lines on the paper. No pattern/shape. Would this art lesson be suitable for four year old ? Or is it greater toward older kids? How would you recommend me to start ?

      1. Good question! The Waldorfish Weekly Art course is really geared toward children 7+. I would recommend that you begin with their Waldorf Art for Beginners course where you can learn simple techniques to explore with your child now and as he/she grows. You can find a review of that shorter course here: How to Learn Waldorf Art.

  2. Thank you for this review and opportunity! Our biggest obstacle is budget and the big age/skill range of my kids.

  3. Hello Jean, Brian, and Robyn- I find art brings me into a “doing” mode from a “gathering resources” mode in our homeschooling journey. My biggest stumbling block is finding myself unprepared to bring the art to the children and then trying to prepare myself with endless browsing and research. I just completed the sample Waldorfish lesson from the upcoming course and I already feel fabulous. This is what I need.Thanks.

  4. Our goal is to become more proficient with Waldorf art so we are confident in conveying/teaching our children.

  5. My hang up with art is usually the setup/clean up aspect. This year I plan to enlist my oldest to help with that so we can have a weekly art time.

  6. Thank you for the offering … this is our first year of homeschooling after 4 years at a Waldirf school … so much to absorb and my DD12 now in 6th which means enhancing art skills aside from keeping what’s already on the table and in the new year’s curriculum. Looking forward to learning!

  7. I have been looking for something just like this! My three kids and I would love these lessons!

  8. This is a great competition. Thank you for running it. I would love to do more art with my children, but feel awkward about others seeing me in the process of drawing and the finished product, even my husband.

  9. My biggest stumbling block when it comes to art in my homeschool this year, is getting my child to sit still long enough to get interested in the lessons!!!

  10. Yes, thank you! My biggest stumbling block is the fear that I don’t have perfect materials or perfect Waldorf knowledge of how the lesson should go.

  11. My biggest barrier is time, especially with all the art we do for classes. I also have 2 preschool aged twins whose capacity for art is different than my almost 7 year old. Getting the supplies is probably an equally similar barrier. I get overwhelmed with choices so easily and then I want to buy everything! I know how important this is though and I hope with planned out lessons it will be easier to incorporate into our weekly rhythms.

  12. Thank you Jean, Robyn and Brian for the opportunity. It would be so lovely to win those fabulous lessons. Just what I’ve been looking for for over 10 years now for our four children, and never been able to afford.

  13. Our biggest stumbling block is not knowing where to and how to begin. Art is quite an unfamiliar zone ;(

  14. Our goal this coming year is to let the living arts imbue our lessons more deeply. With 4 grade levels in the home, it’s been tough finding our stride with consistent arts. This would be immensely helpful!

  15. Our goal this coming year is to let the living arts imbue our lessons more deeply. With 4 grade levels in the home, it’s been tough finding our stride with consistent arts. This would be immensely helpful!

  16. My goal for art this year is to incorporate more modeling. My other goal is to get my five year old to draw more than scribbles. He occasionally will, but most of the time he wants to scribble some color and move on.

  17. Hello Jean, Brian and Robyn,
    Being new to Waldorf education, having someone give us visual instructions so that we can understand and enjoy the process of creating art is very helpful to myself and my son. Thank you for sharing your resources!

  18. “What is your biggest stumbling block when it comes to art in your homeschool?”

    I love the art activities but no matter how hard I try and how dedicated I am, my art never looks as good as my child’s 🙂
    I am art challenged, but glad that he is flourishing

  19. Hi Jean and Waldorfish, Thank you for the giveaway! my biggest stumbling block is my own lack of ability! I can’t wait to check this program out,

  20. My biggest stumbling block is knowing what I am doing and what to teach. I have an upcoming 8th grader and 1st grader. We tried an art program for my older son last year and it seams to have sapped the love of art out of him. I want to wake it up again!

  21. I struggle to find what is appropiot from my girl. And i need to learn so much myself in the evening hours….

  22. Our goal for art in our home is to expose and share techniques that will help my littles see the world from a different perspective and provide them with opportunity to learn different ways to express themselves. We want to expose them to all beauty that is available to us.

  23. My biggest stumbling block is not knowing what to do or how to do it. For example how to hold the brush, how much pressure to use with the crayons…We have a 5 and 7 year old that absolutely love art but neither my husband or I have the skills or knowledge to expand on it.

  24. We tried the free lesson and really enjoyed it. Despite my deep love for Waldorf style home education, singing/music and art have always been intimidating for me, because I am not musically inclined and have never considered myself artistic, these are skills I’ve been willing myself to feel confident in, as we move into the grades this year I really want to instill a sense of confidence in my children in their artistic ability and hopefully create a life time love of creating. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this lovely course.

  25. “What is your biggest stumbling block when it comes to art in your homeschool?”

    I would def. say that patience is my biggest stumbling block. I am really excited to have moments like this for a deep in-breath. I read a post that my friend “The Indigo Teacher” Miranda wrote about how dong these art lessons made her a better person! I am eager to make this a meditative tool for myself!

  26. Our goal this year is to do combined art lessons once a week with my four children.

    I’d also like to do some charcoal drawings with my older kids, but first I have to learn how! ?

  27. We started out in a Waldorf school and I feel so I intimidated trying to reproduce the quality of art instruction as a homeschooling mother of 5. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. What a wonderful give-away! Thank you for the review and generous offering. I have experienced the Wolfes as instructors both online and in person and I love their easy-going personalities. I have been eyeing the course, because art is something I struggle with, but my daughter (12), especially asks for and clearly finds motivating and therapeutic. I love the idea of doing this and excelling as a family, together. My own temperament might be our stumbling block and my goal is to do art, in some form, weekly, as part of our rhythm. Fingers crossed!

  29. My art goal this year is for my first grade daughter to use art daily and that she and I will feel comfortable with drawing, painting, and modeling by the end of the school year.

  30. Our homeschooling art goals include starting with block crayons and painting. We are starting at zero. I’m trying to keep myself in the right headspace so I don’t get cold feet too early in the teaching/learning process. I do feel very intimidated. These classes look amazing. I’d love to add them to our homeschooling rhythm. Thanks!

  31. My goal this year is to just DO IT. Something – painting, modeling, drawing, music, puppet play or acting a story out – every day, whether or not we have all the perfect supplies and whether or not the result is Pinterest-worthy! I know the Lively Arts are what brings the lessons alive in my kids’ hearts and I want that for them. <3

  32. What a wonderful way to bring confidence to families who are struggling with art the Waldorf way! Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I was just expressing to my partner my wish to be an illustrator in my next lifetime… The skill needs some practice, you know, so here’s my goal for art in my homeschool: I want to see the wild sides of my son’s imagination able to express themselves in articulate form. I imagine him and I able to create in a studio type space where stains are ok. I believe the lively arts contain tools for building resiliancy in our Parent-child relationship. All of that, because after all, our three year old daughter is still imitating us, so we better make art look fun, no?

  34. Hi Jean, thank you for the offer of the giveaway. One of our goals is to do painting all together as a family at a regular weekly time, probably Fridays when my husband is off from work. In general we plan to do art mid-morning after main lesson. Excited to get started with my 5 and 7 yr olds!

  35. My goal this year is include more art for my 2 & 4yo. This is our second year of kindergarten and I have yet to expose them to painting. I just don’t know where to start.

  36. Our goal is to incorporate the lively arts in some way each day! My daughter is excited about learning to finger knit and hopefully later in the year, knit, and I’m looking forward to the painting!

  37. My biggest stumbling block is that we are so new and fresh to this way of learning and I myself am lost. I will be attending the Taproot Teacher Training in August but I would love any extra help I can get to make this year a great one for my first and fourth grade boys. Thank you for the opportunity.

  38. My goal for myself and my children is that we will dive into art on a daily basis and expand out skills and enrich our learning through art!

  39. My goals this year with art and homeschooling are to involve my son in creative and fun ways that engage him and get him excited about art. Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  40. What an amazing giveaway. My biggest stumbling block is over coming my fear of art “failure.” I think back to my days in middle school and remember coercing my art teacher to “help” (aka do it for me). I’m sad to say I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t put much on the page. Unfortunately, that has stayed with me over the years. Waldorf is so beautiful and magical. Our Waldorf journey wouldn’t be the same without my confidence in the visual arts. I would love to learn to conquer my fear and expand my art knowledge with this beautiful series of lessons. My children are 5 and 1 – we are just beginning our Waldorf journey. These lessons would be put to good use for years to come.

  41. My goal this upcoming year concerning art would be to actually provide regular art activities/guidance on a consistent rhythm, which we have been sporadic at lately. ??

  42. Thank you Jean, I always try to incorporate art into many areas of our homeschooling from our nature walks to museums and castle trips and inspired, but I really lack technique and style to help teach my son.

  43. Art is definitely a very important part of my kids (4 and 13) personal growth. They both love to paint in their own way, shapes and colors! my goal is that they can keep discovering their inner and outer beauty through it ?.

  44. Hi Jean
    Thank you to you and Waldorfish for this opportunity.
    As I have never been really “arty” I have been looking how to teach myself Waldorf art and only recently came across Waldorish. It really interests me as it can give me the boost my confidence in the Waldorf art and to teach it to my daughter.
    Thank you again.

  45. My goals for art in our homeschooling this year are working on improving my skills to prepare to teach first grade. The art is a bit overwhelming, but luckily I have time to prepare!

    Thanks for your review! Waldorish art lessons have been on my radar for awhile now!

  46. I am fairly new to Waldorf and one of the greatest things that really drew me in was the arts aspect. So, I am hoping that my children will fall in love with art and that the art will really help bring the main lessons to life and stick with them.

  47. I feel so sad that I cannot already BE everything I want to GIVE to my children. I have 5 littles ages newborn to 9 years and I am NOT an artist. I mean, I make babies and food… 😉 But I’ve been stalking Waldorfish for awhile and would just be so blessed and honored to win this! Thank you for the opportunity.

  48. My biggest hurdle is finding a do-able curriculum. I know there are specific steps to art instruction but finding something that is actually instructing in the arts and is age appropriate.

  49. Thank you, as always Jean, for your thoughtfulness and generosity. My obstacle is narrowing down what we will work, there is so much we want to do each year! it’s a good problem to have and would love to infuse everything with more skillful art.

  50. I am about to start homeschooling this Fall for the first time. My plans are to get more comfortable with wet-on-wet painting and basic drawing skills. Being a left-brainer, it is a new adventure for me. It is not easy or natural to me, but I love it!

  51. One of my goals is to learn how to work with pastels and then in turn teach this to my 5th grade daughter. We both need a new medium to work with. The biggest stumbling blocks in our art, for me, are finding time to create things ahead of time (I tend to just “wing it” when we draw or paint or model, which sometimes works but sometimes does not) and remaining patient when children get impatient or resistant while working on a skill.

  52. One of my stumbling blocks involves coming up with a variety of ideas and introducing new techniques for my art lessons. This program looks very useful. Thanks for the offering!

  53. Even though we’ve been doing Waldorf inspired homeschooling for a few years now, I still feel inadequate and unprepared when it comes to the art. I just can’t seem to find the time to learn how to do it.

  54. I love this review as I’ve been looking closely at the waldorfish program – for exactly the reasons you cover in your review! (And to be honest, the price is what is keeping me from jumping in right now as I’m on a super tight budget). I am relatively new to the Waldorf method, though I’ve been admiring it from a distance for as long as my children have been alive. This year I have a 2nd grader and a pre-k student and I really feel this strong pull towards Waldorf but its intimidating! Almost like a foreign language with talk of container stories and form drawings and festivals that I’ve never heard of before! It’s such a grand and exciting time for me. I know this waldorfish curriculum would be treasured in my home and in our first year as a Waldorf inspired homeschooling family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and for offering this great opportunity!

  55. Our biggest obstacle is that my daughter loves to draw and spends 2 hours on one main lesson block drawing!! Hard to get to everything else… but her drawings are amazing!

  56. My goal this year is to incorporate our indigenous stories with art and movement to help my 6 yr old connect to our cree culture.

  57. My goal for art this homeschool year is to incorporate daily art into our lives and to not be so rigid with it but let the process guide my child and I. I often get a project set up and feel like it needs to go or be a certain way, so my challenge is to let that go and have fun with it! I think that’s probably going to be my challenge with all of homeschooling though, so hopefully through art I will be able to become more flexible in general. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

  58. Thank you for this opportunity Jean and Waldorfish. My goal for this year is to bring more art into our lessons. Having a large family of six children over multiple ages, I find we are doing very little painting in our lessons, falling back on drawing and very little painting. I do find I haven’t spent time on my own skills of late and find that I am certainly lacking knowledge in arts skills to keep up with the varying grades I am covering, which of course means the children haven’t been learning at the level they should be. This opportunity would be a fabulous blessing to our family.

  59. Biggest stumbling block- definitely trying to incorporate it all in. Art will often get relegated to last which is sad because we all enjoy it so.

  60. Currently I am overseas with my sons who eight and ten. While the eight year old enjoys drawing and creating a variety of art projects, my ten year old quits way too early when he doesn’t see immediate results or feels his work is poor. I am hoping these sessions will help motivate him and improve his work in a way that he realizes his own potentials as well.

  61. I never knew about Waldorfish until I read this post. I have been searching Waldorf Art Lessons for such a long time and have tried to work with our local Waldorf School for some type of homeschooling art and or handwork classes. This is great! I was so happy to receive this information and a chance to enter to win! Art is such an important aspect of our daily lives in our household, this would only enhance what we already do.

    Thanks for sharing.

  62. Not only would I like to inspire my daughter to engage in art but also to connect to the story and to take noble ideas from a story. I would love for her to feel she has made worthwhile effort in thinking and imagining about a story so that art is not only valuable artistically but is therapeutic. I hope to being rhythm to our learning through art.

  63. A stumbling block I foresee in my little family is the enormous potential and interest in visual arts amongst my kids, and my own feelings of inadequate talent to bring art lessons to my kids as I am a performing, not visual artist 🙂

  64. Wow. This is an inspiring program. I am what I call art traumatized. Hated art class in school and never actually learned the basics, so I feel so unprepared for the art aspect of Waldorf education. I am not a person who finds drawing or painting soothing or fun, mostly because of my early experiences with art. I try to look up pictures and examples, but I’m always thinking, there’s no way….

    My 2, 4 and 7 yo love painting and drawing. Gulp. I remember a time when my 7 yo asked me to draw a pretty pony. She was quite upset that my pretty pony wasn’t pretty at all. Still, she has the belief that she is better than me at drawing and painting.

    I want her to know I am holding the space with art too. I want my kids to want to learn from me because they see that I have artistic skills they want to have, too. I need to be able to help them develop their love of art past my current abilities.

    Waldorf Art Lessons sound awesome!!!!! I love Jeans blog and Waldorfish. It’s gotten me through some tough spots!!

  65. My goal for art in our homeschool this year is to do it – together. It seems to be the first thing that gets set aside because a) my kids are drawing and modelling all the time on their own, and b) I do not feel confident bringing it to them. Seeing it as something we are doing and learning together might shift my mindset enough to make it fun instead of intimidating. Thanks, Jean! These art lessons sound wonderful!

  66. My goal this year is to be more consistent in making our art lessons happen and weaving art more seamlessly into our main lesson work.

  67. Thank you for this opportunity to win a seat in Waldorfish Weekly Leasons. I have three children and it would be a blessing to receive some extra help with this program. My middle child struggles with drawing, but he had a blast trying one of the sample lessons. I believe it will raise his confidence, which will help when it comes to completing his Main Lessons. He is learning Norse Myths this year and drawing/art is part of his struggle. I know he will grow, especially with an opportunity of sitting in on these weekly lessons. Art is part of our heart work and we wouldn’t know what to do without it.

  68. WOW how creative to promote and give opportunity to win a seat in Waldorfish weekly art lessons! Thank you for your consideration!
    I grew up in Albania and I was lucky if I could find a pencil and
    paper. I couldn’t stop drawing and drawing and drawing! that was how I started to talk and how I still use it a lot with my daughter at home! My daughter is teaching me to be more generous with supplies, I still go back to pencil! My stumbling block is to have more structure and a commitment to doing more art! I only took drawing classes, and it’s hard for me to experiment with other forms. My daughter will appreciate the seat!

  69. The biggest stumbling block is that I am not artistic or creative. These lessons are amazing and easy to follow! My boys love art so anything that can help me to excel with them is awesome!

  70. My goal this year I’d like too do more painting. I think it’s the most beautiful part of Waldorf education. It feels to me like it frees the soul. I’ve learned alot so far but feel like I’m really lacking in skill and technique so I hope to improve that this year.

  71. My goal is to actually stick with the entire art lesson and make sure it is not frustrating for my child who very often wants to quit when it doesn’t go the “right” way.

  72. The biggest stumbling block for us is making sure that we don’t skip to another activity over the art lessons. These lessons always seem to get pushed to the wayside for nature walks or other things that come up.

  73. We’d love to continue the fantastic momentum we’ve started this year with Bryan & Robyn! We loved their spring/summer classes & our children (& I!) have made great strides in our art. I see the techniques being used in creative ways in their other work as well as on their own & I know these guys have a passion for what they do ❤️

  74. My goal for this year: to start and stick to a schedule, when it comes to art. I want to have us do art journals (one for science, one general art), plus, have at least two hours a week to sit and paint. I’m concerned the last thing will be the hardest, as my daughter does not want to paint what I paint, and sometimes lacks inspiration for what to paint. I find your idea brilliant. What a great addition to our homeschooling week!

  75. Lack of time…. is our biggest obstacle.
    Thank you for the entry! We would love to do the lessons with other folks.

  76. Thank you for offering this, Jean! I struggle with finding ideas and projects that will engage my kiddos. Waldorfish seems like a thoughtful and fun option for them to learn from others.

  77. My husband and I do not have a lot of experience with any kind of artistic expression and find this part of homeschooling intimidating. We are looking for guidance that is easy and fun and something the whole family can enjoy free of worry or stress. Sounds like this is what we have been searching for. Thank you!

  78. My biggest stumbling block for art is scheduling in a time, or a pulse in our rhythm, to actually do it. I start off with great intentions which then fizzle out oh-too-rapidly.

  79. My goal with these art lessons is to become more confident as a teacher when bringing these lessons to my son..

  80. My biggest stumbling block in art is guiding my daughter without telling her exactly what to do. She’s the type of person who looks for specific instructions, so I’m always trying to find the balance between free expression and a guided lesson.

  81. We believe that art is a very important part of our children’s life. As we don’t know where/how to start teaching them, it’d would be great to have a professional help. Waldorfish sounds like the perfect solution for us where the whole family could have fun learning together week by week. Thank you!

  82. Thanks for the chance to win these great lessons!
    I have 8 children age 14 to 14 months. Seven of them are boys so our days are lively to say the least. My goal will be to strengthen our rhythm and incorporate a little bit of music and art into each week.
    Thanks again!

  83. My Biggest stumbling block is : ” Hm I look at this beautiful white piece of paper and those beautiful colors and start wondering how to make out of those amazing things a beautiful art piece ….I actually gave up I tried to YouTube I tried the books but it’s not easy at all… my sevent grader really loves art and she does her MLB drawings but not an actual art class we will start first grade in September with my lil one an my Goal is to put all my effort into it and give those kids an amazing experience of fine art at home ?

  84. My goal is to learn how to draw using charcoal so that I can blend black and white better and use it to with my sixth grader. Also I am taking painting lessons with a Waldorf institute that will help me with the upper grades painting because this is where many of us stumble and sometimes great give up.

  85. My biggest strumbling in art-lesson is that i am not prepared, i love art but i don’t have any knowledge about the technicals! That giveaway would be so useful in our family 🙂

  86. My biggest stumbling block with art is a complete mental block on my part. I know everyone says to just put a pencil to paper and DRAW, but I can’t seem to do it. And when I do, it’s not very good. Even my kids go to my husband to get help with art. This is the part of homeschooling that intimidates me the most.

  87. Thank you for this offering and opportunity! This year I hope to have more family creative time. I am really intrigued to use this kind of guide to help take myself out of the teaching equation and in hopes there will be less comparing of themselves and more creative comraderey! Comparing (especially to mom and dad!)and self esteem have been stumbling blocks for some our kids in creative expression- hoping to ignite their artistic inspiration again!!

  88. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
    I wish I could have more creative time…it is so necessary…. to loose ourselves, to find ourselves….
    To fall in love with a colour, to add some colour into our souls….
    This giveaway would be amazing…so to get creative and give us all some inspiration!

  89. Thank you Jean, Robyn and Brian. This is a great opportunity, I would love for my son and me to learn the techniques needed to produce a lovely art piece so we can feel more confident. A tutorial in Waldorf art is priceless, although they can be pricey and I cannot afford them.

  90. I want to incorporate our art with the subject we are learning about. For example, learning about Abraham Lincoln and painting his portrait or his home. But I am not arrustic at all so a base I can play off of and learn from would be amazing!

  91. I would love to have inspiring guidance for how to teach art in the Waldorf tradition. I feel we have never gotten of the ground with any of these lively arts. My daughter creates beautiful drawings on her own… But we have gone no further. I just am unsure where to start, and the longer I wait, the more my confidence dissipates, and I feel we are tremendously behind in sharing the art aspects of Waldorf-inspired learning. I would love a focused way to learn and teach and this program sounds lovely!

  92. Thanks so much for the review! My challenge with art in our homeschooling is most definitely my own lack of confidence. I grew up believing I was a terrible artist! I have had to overcome my fear of it the last few years and I am excited to take this course to help me improve so I can bring art to my kids with lots of confidence and enthusiasm!

  93. My biggest stumbling block is not feeling confident yet in my skills in the various Waldorf art forms. That, and making sure I have our art supplies organized so the lessons run more smoothly.

  94. My biggest stumbling block is distraction. Having a schedule helps a lot, but then as the year progresses we end up wandering aimlessly. This year I am planning better and sticking to it.

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