At the beginning of each year, I like to review the year that’s just ended and then look to the new one. A really fun and creative way to do this is by making a vision board and I want to share this process with you. Here’s how to make a vision board for your homeschool.

Aside from being so personally meaningful, this process gives me a renewed appreciation for Waldorf-inspired methods of learning.

This whole experience reminds me of how artistic activity makes abstract ideas concrete and brings those ideas to life in such beautiful, real and memorable ways! 

When I went looking for inspiration for creating a vision board, I found this article by Martha Beck. Her words inspired me, particularly these words:

“the board itself doesn’t impact reality; what changes your life is the process of creating the images…” 

Isn’t this precisely how Waldorf education works on a deep, soul level?

The images from stories and pictures form in our beings and transform us.

Here’s a description of the process of creating a vision board. But it could just as easily have been made in reference to Waldorf-inspired learning!

“When you start assembling pictures that appeal to this deep self, you unleash one of the most powerful forces on our planet: human imagination. Virtually everything humans use, do, or make exists because someone thought it up. Sparking your incredibly powerful creative faculty is the reason you make a vision board. The board itself doesn’t impact reality; what changes your life is the process of creating the images—combinations of objects and events that will stick in your subconscious mind and steer your choices toward making the vision real.”


How to Make a Vision Board for Your Homeschool

Here’s my Vision Board for 2019.

I encourage you to make one yourself! You can include your children in this activity or invite them to make their own vision board as well.

Want more specific instructions for making a board of your own? Check out this article How to Create an Empowering Vision Board.

Or this one, The Reason Vision Boards Work and How to Make One.

As Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers, we focus a lot on bringing the arts to our children and incorporating them into lessons.

However, I find that my teaching is more inspired when I’m also doing art myself.

What art projects are you working on to “spark your incredibly powerful creative faculty?

And this is a message worth remembering: “what changes your life is the process of creating the images…

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    1. Thanks, Kelly. I really enjoyed looking back and looking forward through artistic activity. I’d never done that before and it was both refreshing and inspiring! A great combo of hands-on crafting and reflection. Happy New Year to you!

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