Episode 4: Why Are We Homeschooling? How to Write Your Family Vision

If a friend or neighbor were to ask you, “Why did you choose to homeschool?”…how would you answer that question?

A homeschool vision statement can REALLY help to guide you on your homeschooling journey and as a family!

In fact, it can act as a compass as you answer questions about curriculum and resources, make decisions along the way, plan what your homeschooling days will look like, and set goals for the future.

Consider the questions I share in this episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast and see what a powerful exercise this can be!

“Our vision statement became a beacon of light to guide us through the days and years in a really sweet and nurturing way!”

Click Image Below for Sample Homeschool Vision Statement

Sample Homeschool Vision Statement


Why create a homeschool vision statement?

  • Connect with your values.
  • Build a foundation for your family and your homeschool journey.
  • Check your decisions along the way against the vision you have created.
  • Through the years, celebrate your achievements!

Here are three questions to consider:

  • Why did we decide to homeschool?
  • What do we hope for our kids at the end of our homeschooling journey?
  • How will we get there? What will this journey look like from day to day?

“When we start any conversation or decision-making with our values, we add depth.”


If you want more guidance in sustaining your homeschooling journey in accordance with your values, the Inspired at Home membership community is the place to start.

Inside the membership, you’ll find a community of homeschooling families, monthly masterclasses to inspire you along the way, and weekly group coaching to support you!

And if calling me for a chat could help you craft your vision statement or make decisions about the day to day path of your homeschool, you can find all the details here book a session with me: Mentor with Jean.

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Why are we homeschooling? A homeschool vision statement can REALLY help to guide you on your homeschooling journey and as a family!

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