What exactly is involved in homeschool planning? I suspect many of us have a love/hate relationship with this planning thing. So I wanted to give you some simple homeschool planning tips from one Waldorf homeschooling Mom to another.

Homeschool Planning Tips, grab your books and a cup of tea

In my experience, we tend to have the illusion that once we choose our curriculum, we’re done! But the truth is, that’s just the beginning.

For starters, almost every curriculum I’ve seen has too much in it.

I understand why.

From a curriculum writer’s perspective, they want to create a thorough product and comprehensive experience. All while offering the homeschooling family some choices.

But unfortunately, the end result of purchasing a packaged curriculum is often that we feel behind, incapable of finishing, and inadequate.

As Waldorf homeschoolers, we need to get MUCH better at following Steiner’s advice to look at the children before us and craft the lessons that they need. Honestly, it’s not only possible but easier!

How do you do this? Create a scaffolding for lessons based on Steiner’s concept of rhythm (yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily). Create a lesson planning template for yourself. Then set aside a few hours to plan blocks, and a bit of time each week to tweak your plan and prepare.

I know this is daunting in the early grades. Especially when we’re new to this method or to homeschooling. I’ve been there, believe me.

But I wish someone had told me these things back in the beginning. And reminded me of them each and every year.

Homeschool Planning Tips

  • Homeschooling has to work for us (the Moms), too! It’s not just all about the kids.
  • Create a solid scaffolding before you begin planning the specifics of your lessons. This is best done before you start your year so that you have a framework for slotting your plans into.
  • Start with Steiner’s concept of rhythm.
  • The simplest starting point is to plan one main lesson block per month. 
  • Set aside two times for planning each week: Thursday or Friday evening to plan the following week, Saturday or Sunday afternoon to review those plans and check supplies.
  • Once a month, set aside a few hours to plan your next block in specifics.
  • Purchasing a curriculum is just the beginning. You still have to do your own planning!

The solid scaffolding is fun to create, simple yet very concrete. Where you plan out your blocks for the year, and then create your very own unique rhythm for your week and days.

This is exactly what I walk you through in my online group coaching program, Plan It Out.

In just 3 weeks, with two action steps each week, you can create the framework for your entire year. Together, we work through the 6 steps to planning an awesome Waldorf homeschooling year.

I invite you to join my group coaching program to get this done!

Your homeschool year, or even your next block, will go so much more smoothly.

Because we want homeschooling to be more fun. We want this to be more relaxing for us and our children.

In addition to the video lessons, action steps, and my weekly coaching, you get lifetime access to an amazing community of Waldorf homeschoolers just like you!

Whether you decide to join me for Plan It Out or not, please know that YOU get to create your very own plan for homeschooling that’s just right for you and your children. I hope these homeschool planning tips help.


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