Homeschoolers: Scrolling is NOT the Same as Planning

Let’s clear up a misunderstanding we often have. Homeschoolers, scrolling is NOT the same as planning!

It’s true that finding just the right resources and curriculum for holistic, hands-on, or Waldorf-inspired homeschooling can be challenging. And there are SO many options to explore. So the pressure to keep scrolling for the next perfect resource or activity or craft is totally understandable.

Why Do We Scroll?

The fact is, all these options may be keeping us in a perpetual state of searching. And perhaps even hinder our ability to draw on our own creativity and our intuition, or to see the needs of our children.

In the early years of my family’s homeschooling journey, scrolling social media was not even a thing! I have 3 now-grown kiddos and we started homeschooling in the 1990s, before Pinterest and Instagram and even Google. It was difficult to find resources tailored to homeschoolers, let alone Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers.

So I met with other local homeschoolers and we shared ideas. I found a mentor who had Waldorf training. And I went to in-person homeschool conferences every year to see and experience hands-on teaching and learning.

If you want to step away from the scrolling, go straight to the resources at the end of these show notes and read more about the Taproot Teacher Training for Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers, which happens every August.

But why then do we keep scrolling when we most likely have bookshelves and binders and Pinterest folders full of options already?

Oftentimes, we keep searching even after our bookshelves are full because those resources and curricula we have might not be exactly what we’re looking for. We keep searching for that perfect fit, that just-right story or song or poem.

In the muddle of the search, we often lose sight of the fact that what we’re searching for is confidence and ease.

And this, my friend, cannot be found in a curriculum or pdf file. It can only be found within yourself.

3 Simple Ways to Stop Scrolling & Start Planning

In this episode of the podcast, I share with you my thoughts after 25+ years of homeschooling. Below, you’ll find a summary and a few more resources to explore. Listen in to the episode so you don’t miss anything!

What we really need to do is limit the scrolling and searching so that we can just get on with the lessons and learning.

The truth is that limits are our friends. And what we really need to do is limit the scrolling and searching so we can get on with the lessons and learning.

Here are a three ways to invite limits and boundaries:

  1. Try setting a timer when searching for a specific resource for an upcoming lesson. When the time is up, use what you have.
  2. Ask a question for advice on a specific topic in just one group or of one friend. Then just make a decision for how to move forward.
  3. Consider just deciding how you’ll bring a lesson without any searching or scrolling! And use what you learn from how the lesson goes to influence how you’ll plan your next block or lesson.

So stop the search frenzy! The learning doesn’t happen in the searching. The learning happens in the doing, when we’re present with our children and bringing enriching experiences to them.

What if it’s not more inspiration or resources or ideas that you need?

The only way around is through, my friend! And if you already have multiple resources, a curriculum package, and a stack of library books, it’s time to simply dive in.

You can use what you have! And it will all work out just the way it’s supposed to!

Homeschoolers, scrolling is not the same as planning!

There are soooooo many moving pieces and parts to this homeschooling life. Enjoy each moment and each day. Think of one thing you love about each of your children. And after you’ve listened to this episode, go hug them and tell them that thing you love about them. That’s all. They won’t be around your house forever. I can promise you that. And when they’re gone, you’ll miss them.

Let’s all stop scrolling and start doing. Because scrolling is not the same as planning.

I’m sending you big hugs today and I want you to know that I see the important work you’re doing in the world. Thank you.

Suggested Resources

Having a few key resources on your bookshelf can save tons of time searching and scrolling. Here are my top five picks for holistic homeschooling.

Here are the details about the Taproot Teacher Training for Waldorf-inspired Homeschoolers, which is held every summer in northeastern Ohio. Taproot is a four-day, in-person training offering workshops in teaching language arts, history, science, mathematics, painting, music, and more. All taught by experienced homeschoolers. Spend the weekend engaged in hands-on learning while forming a deep connections with other homeschoolers and renewing your spirit for the homeschool journey. Join us!

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Homeschoolers: Scrolling is NOT the Same as Planning

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