Simple Ideas for Celebrating Fall as a Family

As I write and record this episode of the Art of Homeschool podcast, fall has definitely arrived here in northeastern Ohio. Here comes the chilly, windy weather along with sweaters and soup. Time to share some simple ideas for celebrating fall as a family!

I just love this time of year!

First, I want to highlight what celebrating the natural rhythms of the seasons can bring us as a family. I think celebrating the seasons with our children is one of the most rewarding things that a family can do together.

The Benefits of Celebrating the Turning Seasons

Here are just a few of the many benefits of celebrating together.

Celebrating the seasons can:

  • Strengthen family bonds
  • Bring us together around a common project
  • Lighten up the homeschooling load
  • Provide opportunities for all ages to contribute
  • Build a sense of togetherness
  • Mark the cycle of the seasons & increase our connection to nature
  • Create opportunities for some good old-fashioned family fun

The choice of how to celebrate is yours. And honestly, whatever you choose will be just right for your family.  Above all, it’s the feelings generated and memories created that count!

Simple Ideas to Celebrate Fall as a Family

Here are just a few highlights and my reflections about celebrating fall:

  • I love taking time by myself to walk outdoors every morning. And especially to notice the subtle turning of the seasons, the leaves getting that first golden hue, then glowing brighter. The brave chickadees in winter. The sights and smells of the new season. 
  • As a homeschooling family, we acknowledged the changing seasons by spending time in nature, by bringing nature indoors, and by crafting seasonal celebrations together. 
  • Our celebrations definitely varied from year to year. Sometimes our celebrations would be more elaborate and sometimes they were as simple as a nature walk or craft activity.
  • For my family, fall brings the Jewish New Year with Rosh Hashanah, a time to begin afresh. Soon after that, Yom Kippur arrives, a time to focus inward and reflect on the year that’s passed. 
  • This energy of new beginnings and reflection is perfect for gathering the harvest, apple picking, freshening the nature table, and baking.
  • To begin, Michaelmas falls on September 29th and corresponds with the Fall Equinox and the season of Sukkot, the Jewish Harvest Festival. This is a time to think about the balance of darkness and light. Along with gathering our inner forces for the quiet darkness of late autumn.
  • Next in the season come Lantern Festivals or Lantern Walks. A Lantern Walk can fit anywhere in the fall calendar, from the Equinox through Halloween, Martinmas on November 11th and Thanksgiving.  And even on into the Winter Solstice and New Year’s in January. 
  • A Lantern Festival could include making beautiful lanterns. We made a different kind every year and I have such a lovely collection. Also, learning songs about darkness and light and shining your own light into the world. 
  • Ideas for your fall nature table could include felted pumpkins, black kitty cats stitched from felt, a postcard with a seasonal scene or poem, or yarn leaves. 
  • My favorite fall soup is corn chowder (made with coconut milk) and my favorite fall beverage is hot chai tea. My kids especially loved hot apple cider. 
  • Thanksgiving is wonderful time to make a gratitude tree and set your lanterns out around the house.

Creative Ideas to Explore

Here’s a round up of articles from the Art of Homeschooling archives. You’ll find some real gems here, so I hope you’re inspired to craft a memorable fall celebration for your family!

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The rewards are many! By celebrating the seasons together as a family, we create memories of each new season with our children, growing stronger together.

Plus, we can have lots and lots of fun together!

Celebrating Festivals with Children Masterclass

If you’re hunting for help to align your family culture with the turning of the seasons, you might be interested in one of the masterclasses inside the Inspired at Home community, Celebrating Festivals with Children.

This is available in my monthly membership community, a wonderful group of homeschoolers gathering together to dive deep into home education masterclasses, share ideas, and support each other through the year. This just might be the homeschool resource you’re looking for to help you put it all together! You find so many amazing classes to support homeschoolers like you ~ including Celebrating Festivals, and also Create Your Lantern Festival, and Simplicity Holidays. !

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