Movement Games & Activities for Homeschoolers with Special Guest, Brian Wolfe from Waldorfish

Hey hey homeschool friends! Join me for this super fun episode of the Art Homeschooling Podcast all about movement games and activities with my guest, Brain Wolfe of Waldorfish

So let me introduce you to Brian.

For the past 17 years, Brian has been teaching Art, Games, and Geometry in Waldorf classrooms as well as coaching middle school and high school basketball. In addition to teaching online with Waldorfish, he’s traveled as far as China to mentor parents and teachers in a Waldorf-ish style. 

Brian has developed a calm, practical approach to teaching, with equal parts fun and playful sarcasm mixed in. When he’s not noodling on his guitar, you will likely find him cooking big meals for his family, practicing kickboxing with his stepdaughter, playing Dungeons and Dragons with his stepson, painting in the garage, waxing poetic about geometry & the golden proportion, and playing with the family cat

We recorded a great conversation here for you!

Games and play are such an important part of holistic education, educating the whole child. And movement is one of the Lively Arts that can bring depth and richness to learning.  (see link below for more about the Lively Arts)

You may have read or heard about circle time as a way to bring movement and games into your homeschooling day. 

I’ve observed over the years that sometimes circle time works well in homeschooling situations, and sometimes it really doesn’t. And that’s okay!

I hope this episode encourages you to discover ways to  weave movement activities and games into your lessons and throughout your day, in ways that work for you.

Below, you’ll find highlights from this fun conversation as well as links to more resources for you to explore. 

“Movement games give us a sense of freedom and a sense of direction. Movement is the origin of our sense of purpose.” ~Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting and Games Children Play

Highlights from Movement Games & Activities

2:23 Jean introduces guest, Brian Wolfe of Waldorfish
3:35 Brian tells a great story about how he was introduced to Waldorf education through basketball
11:53 Brian shares his experience learning the importance of games & movement
14:23 Jean & Brian consider the idea that learning is not all in your brain
17:34 The Waldorf idea of THINK, FEEL, DO
20:14 Beanbags are Magical!
29:39 The experience before the explanation
30:49 Brian & Jean discuss striving to do our best as homeschooling parents
37:15 Brian talks about the stages of play
38:26 Jean speaks of play as an invitation to learning & Brian of the importance of imitation
41:34 Movement builds focus, awareness, and mental & physical balance
44:09 Observation is a powerful tool & there’s no one right way to do it
45:59 Simple ways to start with beanbag games

More Resources to Explore Movement Games & Activities

Movement Games for Children walks you through how to make simple bean bags, and includes ideas for activities and several verses to recite. 

How to Do Circle Time at Home discusses the purpose and structure of circle time and includes thoughts about doing circle time at home. 

Kim John Payne’s book, Games Children Playis an excellent resource to have on your bookshelf, full of ideas about the stages of play, games and movement activities for parents, as well small and large groups.

Learn more about the Lively Arts of Storytelling, Movement, Music, Speech, Drama, Painting, Drawing, and Modeling in Episode 23, Weaving the Lively Arts into Our Lessons

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