Episode 168

Hey hey, homeschool friend! I’m here with a discussion about finding your homeschool rhythm for a more peaceful homeschooling day.

This is Episode #168 of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast.

And I promise you that you will see rhythm in a whole new way after listening, whether you’re already vibing with the concept of rhythm or finding it a bit elusive!

Follow along with the show notes below and check out the links for more homeschool guidance, too.

Your unique rhythm creates a space where you can feel more at ease in your homeschooling life. After all, rhythm has the power to simplify our lives and bring more ease into our days.

Acknowledge the Juggle

First, let’s start by acknowledging the hustle and bustle of our lives as homeschooling parents in the modern world.

Are you ready for a revelation? We have A LOT on our plates! The key is recognizing the multitude of roles and tasks we juggle every day.

You’ll love this hilarious mom job description from a 2017 Chicago Tribune columnist. It illustrates my point so well!

Why Rhythm Matters

Life is brimming with chaos, and this is precisely where rhythm swoops in to our rescue. In our arhythmic world of 24/7 access, we need the anchoring force of rhythm.

So, how does rhythm come to our aid, and why is it the starting point for homeschooling over curriculum? Let’s dive into the magic of rhythm.

It’s the heartbeat of homeschooling. Rhythm allows you to seamlessly flow through learning activities, even on days when you wake up with no clear plan.

This flow is especially invaluable for homeschoolers facing challenges like chaotic schedules, overwhelming “too muchness,” and the ebb and flow of lessons.

Rhythm creates security for your children and provides you with a supportive structure. Tying one activity to another in a simple, predictable way gives comfort and helps you navigate your days.

Wondering why rhythm helps you flow and flourish? It helps you focus on one thing at a time, moving forward steadily.

Finding Your Homeschool Rhythm for a Peaceful Day

The place to start?

Spend some time making a list of all the activities you’d like to include in your homeschooling day.

WARNING: If your list seems too long, it probably is. This is where your values and priorities step in. It may not be possible to do it all.

It’s important to pare down your list until it’s doable.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

  • What could we do just a few days a week instead of every day?
  • What could we combine and do all together to make it go more quickly?
  • What could I let go of for now and bring back next month or next season?
  • What are the one or two top priorities this week or month?

Think of your daily rhythm as a flowing, repeating pattern ~ failproof, incredibly easy and so simple that you can follow it most days.

Less really is more here, despite our often insatiable desire for variety. The reality is that too many options can be paralyzing. A simple rhythm prevents decision fatigue and frees up our creative energy for engaging in the moment and connecting with our children.

Here’s a simple, doable example of what your homeschool rhythm for a peaceful day might look like: a song and a verse, followed by a story, table work with drawing or writing, and ending with skills practice. Your rhythm, your rules.

Flow with More Ease

Remember, you’re finding your unique homeschool rhythm for a peaceful day. Embrace the simplicity of doing one thing at a time and follow a rhythm designed for your family. Create, tweak, and find YOUR homeschool rhythm.

Start with Rhythm Before Curriculum

Look for Episode #169 from the Art of Homeschooling with the second part of this series, “Better Than Curriculum.”

Unlocking Rhythm Basics

For those eager to delve deeper into rhythm basics, check out some previous podcast episodes that explore the essence of rhythm.

Want more help with rhythm? That’s our February focus inside the Inspired at Home community and we’d love to see you there.

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