What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Teaching and Learning

This pandemic year has been so challenging for parents and teachers and children alike! But from my vantage point, the pandemic has taught us about teaching and learning in a lot of new ways.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we’ve learned about educating children this year. And as homeschoolers, we might even view our work in the world through a new lens. 

I think the whole world of education is at a real turning point. And change has been needed for a long, long time.

Perhaps the most important lesson the pandemic has taught us is to put children’s needs ahead of all else.

Because when children don’t have their developmental, psychological and emotional needs met, children can’t learn. Truth!

When things aren’t working in our homeschools, our children let us know loud and clear!

As homeschoolers, we know this to be true! We know that education is about way more than the curriculum, academic benchmarks, standardized tests, and child care.

Children’s needs must be met in order for them to learn.

Knowing when our children need encouragement, a break to move and stretch, a nourishing snack, to review or to put something aside, to go deeper, to practice, and when they just need to play is what real education is all about. 

I’ve seen evidence that educators and administrators in brick-and-mortar schools are beginning to see this, too.

Educational considerations must start with the needs of the children above all else.

Lessons the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Teaching and Learning

  • Children learn best when they are loved, engaged, and focused
  • Children learn best when they can move their bodies and take breaks
  • Children need to feel safe and know what to expect

And this sounds a lot like holistic, hands-on homeschooling to me!!!

The goal of education is to awaken a child’s curiosity and passion for learning about the world and themselves.

So today, I want to empower you as homeschooling parents to trust that you have everything you need to meet the needs of your children. Embrace the idea that you are true educators.

You matter and the work you’ve chosen to do in this world matters. As a homeschooler, you may even have an advantage on the brick-and-mortar educational setting!

Hooray for the work you are doing in the world, dear homeschooling parent!

I want to live in a world where homeschooling moms & dads feel confident and proud about homeschooling! A world where the work of homeschooling parents is honored, respected and appreciated.

It is truly my mission to support parents as educators, to help you tune in to your children and create the most favorable learning conditions possible. 

3 Tips to Tune In to Teaching and Learning

  1. Create a daily rhythm so the children know what to expect and feel nurtured & safe.
  2. Customize the curriculum & craft your lessons.
  3. Set up of an environment of love & warmth, creative & artistic experiences, gratitude, joy, and humor.

And now that we’ve been through this pandemic year, I hope you feel more empowered as a homeschooler to figure this all out for your family!

Below you’ll find Inspiration Cards you can print to help you remember the value you’re contributing to the world!

I really, truly honor homeschoolers for being brave and taking a stand for the children..


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More Resources

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Education, encouraged us to look at the child or children before us and craft the lessons that they need. If you need support crafting your own hands-on, holistic homeschool, come join the Inspired at Home community.

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What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Teaching and Learning

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  1. Wonderful information, thank you! Do you happen to have any advice on how to really dive in to what each child needs? I have been loving crafting Waldorf based lessons for my children, and can honestly say they are much happier since being home schooled. My son likes to argue everything however, even though I know he actually enjoys what he is learning now more than in public school.

    1. Great question, Danielle! It’s really a matter of observation and intuition. Arguing can be both developmental and personality. The best approach for mom is for us to be ok with the arguing, to not let it get to us and keep moving forward. (I know that’s harder than it sounds.) I’m so happy your children are happier homeschooling!

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