Bridging the Gap Between Your Vision & Right Now

Do you ever feel like there’s a gap between your homeschool life right now and your vision of a better way? Let’s talk about bridging that gap between your vision and right now.

In this episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast, we’re talking all about the gap between how things are going in your homeschool right now, and where you wish you could be. The gap that lies between your current reality and your vision of a brighter homeschool experience.

Sometimes this gap can seem enormous, like a huge chasm, and we have no idea of how to get across.

This can be painful. But by the end of the episode, you’ll be able to see how you can both accept how things are now AND hold a vision for something better. At the same time.

It’s really both/and, not one or the other. And this is really the key ~ holding both reality and possibility at the same time.

Let’s dive into how to do that.

Feeling Overwhelmed and Inspired at the Same Time

Recently, one of my mentorship clients reached out after attending the Taproot Teacher Training. She was so excited and inspired from our weekend together but also overwhelmed about the path to take once she returned home.

When our circumstances aren’t ideal or things aren’t going as we’d hoped, we tend to blame ourselves OR blame others, right?

Those feelings of overwhelm and disappointment can lead us to believe that either we’re failing or those around us aren’t measuring up. We might think, “What’s wrong with me?” Or alternatively, “What’s wrong with my partner?” or “What’s wrong with my child?

But shaming and blaming doesn’t get us what we want. In fact, it tends to make things worse!

So how do we create REAL change? How do we get from here to there without trying to force it, control everyone around us, and strong-arm our way to a better homeschool? Because you know in your heart that THAT does not work!

At the same time, giving up on your vision or goal because it’s too hard isn’t empowering to you either. That’s not a joyful way to live…

So, what is the middle road that gets you to your homeschool or family goals in a steady, healthy, satisfying way?

Bridging the Gap Between Your Vision & Right Now

I have three steps that will help you see the path to bridge that gap between your inspiration and your overwhelm.

Start with Acceptance

The most helpful tool I know for accepting where we are is this phrase, it’s a package deal.”

I’ve used this little mantra a lot throughout my parenting and homeschooling years. Even through challenges with my own husband!

The idea is that we don’t get to pick and choose the personalities or characteristics of our loved ones. Every single person has both strengths and weaknesses. Loving another human means loving ALL of them, including flaws and quirks. It’s a package deal!

And here’s an interesting little phenomenon that is often true: The behaviors in our loved ones that annoy us are ALSO likely to be connected to their BEST qualities and gifts. We will SEE the beauty of that quirk or quality shine when our loved ones actually feel safe, respected, and appreciated.

In other words, your perception changes when you start to accept and appreciate the people and circumstances around you. And acceptance plays a huge role in bridging that gap between your vision and your right now.

Become Curious

Prepare your mind for the transformation that is to come. Be open. Tap into a sense of confidence and curiosity.

As I shared in Episode 95, curiosity is the best remedy for overwhelm!

And it really is. Try this manifestation hack I recently learned: “I wonder when…”

For example…

  • “I wonder when I’ll feel confident with homeschooling and my self doubt will subside?”
  • “I wonder when we’ll settle into our homeschool groove?”
  • “I wonder when we’ll have our first harmonious day this year?”

When you speak to the future with possibility and curiosity, you’ll be DOING the thing before you know it. The simple shift from “why can’t I ever…” to “I wonder when…” signals to your mind that this new way is inevitable, it just hasn’t happened YET. Pave the way to the vision with ease and wonder, and see what happens!

Put it on the Calendar

Breathe. Do steps one and two first.

Then, schedule your time to work toward your vision.

We can get so stuck in our FEELINGS about the gap between our vision and our current circumstances. But at some point, it’s time to bridge the gap with ACTION.

And action is supported by calm confident planning.

Select a reasonable time to do the work of bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be. Put one chunk of time or multiple time blocks on your calendar.

Be conscientious, be considerate, and make the time to WALK across the bridge. It will feel so good to do it calmly, but surely.

You Can Cross That Bridge!

You can bridge the gap between where you are right now and your vision of a better way with acceptance, curiosity, and intentional planning.

Remember this powerful mantra: “I wonder when…

As homeschoolers, we continue this work daily ~ combining mindset shifts with practical action. That’s how we move forward on the path of our homeschooling journey.

It’s not just about your kids, your curriculum, or your resources. It’s about you, too. 💜

More Resources to Bridge the Gap

If you’d like to join a warm and welcoming virtual community of homeschoolers, you can continue this work of acceptance, mindset shifts, and taking practical action to move forward. Inside the Inspired at Home community, you’ll find masterclasses, group coaching calls, and loving support from homeschooling parents all over the world. Come join us!

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