Your Inspired Homeschool

Hello there and welcome! In this episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast, I want to talk about inspiration, specifically your inspired homeschool. 

I’ve just returned home from Taproot 2023, a live in-person retreat and training weekend for homeschoolers. And as I record this episode, I’m thinking about the dedication and heartfelt striving of the homeschooling moms and dads I met from all over the country.

It is amazing to send these parents home with inspiration. And the truth is that inspiration really comes from within. So staying connected to self and staying connected to others who are also seeking and sharing inspiration on the homeschooling path are equally important.

Here on the podcast this week, I want to share my thoughts about finding inspiration through connection to self and connection to others!

Your Inspired Homeschool

In the introduction of my ebook, Homeschool Simplicity, I ask this question:

How do we distill our work down to its essence so we can stay focused and inspired, through wind and rain and hail, day and night, no matter what?

That’s really the question, isn’t it?

After all, we can find moments of inspiration. But keeping it going, sustaining our creativity and imagination, is a bit more challenging.

Looking up the definition of inspiration, this is what I found: “Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” Then the second description is “the drawing in of breath; inhalation.” 

I might add that in my experience, it’s not just being mentally stimulated, but being awakened by our heart forces as well.

As homeschoolers, finding that creative spark and awakening our heart forces through connection to self and connection to others can help us stay the course.

Stay Connected to Yourself

Here are two ideas for the inward path to guide you to stay connected to yourself.

  • Find your joy. Teach in ways that excite you. Find the fun in what you’re doing because your kiddos will absorb that interest, joy, and sparkle from you. It’s contagious!
  • Weave self-care and inner work into your homeschooling day. It can really help to bookend your day by connecting to yourself. For example, five to ten minutes in the morning reading something inspirational, reciting a poem or prayer, or finding new ways to look at your circumstances. And then at the end of the day, listing what you’re grateful for or picturing what your children (or you) did well that day.

Stay Connected to Others

And here are two ideas for the outward path, to inspire you to stay connected with others on the homeschooling journey.

  • Seek out homeschool support that resonates with you. If you’re feeling down about homeschooling, you might be isolating yourself or trying to go it alone. Perhaps it’s getting together weekly or even monthly for a hike. Or celebrating seasonal festivals together with a small group of other families. What is it you long for? Could you gather with other homeschoolers or families for that activity?
  • Find your people, your team, your community. Even if it’s online! I hear all the time what a difference the Inspired at Home community makes in the lives of homeschoolers. We meet three times a month for group coaching calls and the community is so encouraging and loving and real. When we share ideas, suggestions, and support, community members feel less alone, uplifted, and inspired. It is beautiful to see. 

Stay Focused and Inspired, Dear Homeschooler!

Remember friend, that your goal is connection to self AND connection with others on the path!

You can seek inspiration both within and without. Inspiration may ebb and flow. But by focusing on both of these pathways, you can design your inspired homeschool for both yourself and your family.💜

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