What makes an awesome gift for a simple childhood? I say either experience gifts (like museum memberships or creative activities), or toys that encourage open-ended play. This gift guide can help: Awesome Gifts & Toys for a Simple Childhood.

Whether for birthdays or holidays, grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles are often wondering what to give the kids or grand-kids.

Feel free to share this gift guide with anyone who might need some fresh ideas.

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Gift Ideas for a Simple Childhood

Open-Ended Toys

Open-ended toys allow children to bring their own creative powers to the play. Here are a few of our family favorites from over the years.

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

In the younger years, my kids used these Playsilks in so many different ways. From forts to dress-up to scenery for skits.

A wooden barn and a Castle were are favorites when my kids were younger. Check out these cool castle blocks!

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

In the elementary years, these Kapla Blocks got more use than any other toy in the house.

Our wooden wagon got so much use! For all kinds of walks, this wagon can hold anything from snacks or extra layers to tired children. And it will last a lifetime. For all ages

Snap Circuits

This electronics kit allows kids to build over 500 projects including a voice recorder, AM or FM radio and more! Without soldering or tools. Great for hands-on learning. For ages 8+

Buddha Board

These seem so simple but they are magical. Create a painting with water, and it disappears as it dries. My kids drew with one of these for hours every day at my Dad’s house one summer. So easy to use – just add water! For all ages

Subscription Boxes

Getting a surprise in the mail every month is so much fun! Whether it’s a new book or craft kit, these can be great for the whole family to get involved.

Happy Hedgehog Post is a monthly craft subscription that sends Waldorf-inspired craft kits to your door. Each month’s envelope is tailored to a theme (past themes include Michaelmas, Bees, Candlemas and Stars). You can get a 3-month, 6-month, or annual subscription.

Craft Kits

Making things together can be a bonding experience. Rudolf Steiner (the founder of Waldorf education) said that the purpose of handwork and crafts is to awaken creative powers that can be useful later in life in as many ways as possible. Here are a few favorites from our family. 

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

Candle-making Kit with beeswax sheets for rolling candles.

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

These thread bowls are so sweet in this Thread Bowls Kit.

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

Sun prints are always enchanting with this SunPrint Paper Kit

Weaving Loom

This kit makes beautiful tapestries. Comes with frame, tools, and illustrated instructions. For ages 7+

Art Supplies

Children love new art supplies! Give the gift of new crayons or colored pencils for many years of drawing enjoyment. 

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids
Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

I recommend these Block & Stick Crayons and these Lyra Colored Pencils.

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

This Modelling Beeswax is good for little hands to have something to do while listening to stories.


For many years, when the grandparents asked for a holiday gift suggestion, I would suggest an annual membership to either the local zoo, natural history museum, living history center, or arboretum. These make for such fun outings and the grandparents can even join you when they’re in town! Check out what’s available in your local community.

Think Outside Boxes

A subscription box for outdoor exploration. Real gear plus great activities in each themed box. You can read my review here: Take Homeschooling Outside. For ages 4-8 with parent, ages 9+ independently

Groovy Lab in a Box

STEM subscription box for kids because they’re naturally engineers! Investigations, inventions, and problem-solving. Award winning. For ages 8+

Kids Cooking Classes

Cooking together with children has so many benefits! Check out the classes from Kids Cook Real Food. Benefits for both healthy eating and connecting with our kids! Check Kids Cook Real Food here.

They also have a Holiday Baking Challenge in the month of December that looks like so much fun!

Handwork Classes from Creativebug

So many fun classes in Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Quilting, Collage. If there’s a handwork skill you don’t feel prepared to teach your child, learn it together with Creativebug!

Creativebug Classes


When my kids were 8 to 10 years old, we gave them real tools. We made a wooden toolbox with them as a woodworking project. Then around age 12, we gave them each a pocket knife. Real tools for real kids!

Children’s Tool Set

These are real tools for children! A 15-piece set including hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, level, and measuring tape. Comes with a tool belt. For ages 6+

Great Gift Ideas for Waldorf Kids

And here is a Swiss Army Knife for explorers.

An Outing with Mom

Our children love one-on-one time with us. Give the gift of an outing with you alone – brunch, a trip to a coffee shop, an afternoon at the art museum. You could give a gift certificate with a card, and this just might turn out to be their favorite gift of all!


I love giving books as gifts. And I like to give each of my children at least one book as a gift every holiday. 

Check out my list of Wholesome Winter Holiday Books for Children.

Magazine Subscriptions

It’s such fun to receive a new edition of a magazine in the mail every month! We’ve really enjoyed the magazines from Cricket Media over the years. They have a range of magazines for different ages. Our family favorites were Cricket and Muse.

Board Games

Board games can be fun for all ages. And when you gift a board game to a child, they get to invite others to play with them! 

For specific Board Game recommendations, check out my gift guide for 10 Best Games for Family Game Night.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out Gift Guides & Book Lists for Simple Natural Families.

Simple gifts really make the best gifts. And remember, it’s not just about the gift-giving, but more about the experiences you share.

Happy celebrations holidays to you and your family!

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