Resources for Putting Together Your
Waldorf Homeschooling Plans

Are you starting a new Waldorf homeschooling year? Perhaps you’re wondering how to pull together your lessons and activities. And looking to get organized and enthused.

Here are links to some great resources that I’ve created from over 20+ years of homeschooling my three children and leading small groups.

Are you starting a new Waldorf homeschooling year? Here are lots of resources to get you organized and enthused.New to Waldorf Homeschooling?

If you are new to Waldorf education and/or new to homeschooling, I have two articles that can really help you get started.

Unique Aspects of Waldorf Education gives an overview of how each of the subjects is approached in the Waldorf method.

Just Starting with Waldorf Homeschooling? lists 10 steps for you to take to get started, as well as a short list of supplies that you might need and a few recommended books.

Have Children in the Grades?

If you have children in the grades, I have three articles to help you get organized with your planning.

Over 50 Resources for Waldorf-Inspired Homeschooling is an annotated list, broken down into curriculum packages that you might purchase, curriculum support, associations, and suppliers.

Secondly, I recommend one of the most popular articles on my website The Seven Lively Arts. Lots of practical ways to weave the arts into your lessons each day. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, created this entire curriculum around the arts. Steiner said the arts bring us joy as human beings and make the learning memorable. I encourage you to play with this idea and pick one or two of the Waldorf arts to focus on this fall.

The next place to explore on my website is The Steiner Cafe. A virtual meeting place where my friend Allison and I discuss and reflect on the lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the very first Waldorf teachers in 1919. From a homeschooling perspective.

There are so many gems over at The Steiner Cafe. I recommend you start with The Three Stages of the Waldorf Curriculum. This is a list of subjects grouped by stages rather than grades. Really helpful if you’re planning for multiple ages.

Look at this alongside the typical Waldorf Block Rotation for Grades 1-8 so that you can craft a curriculum plan for your family and your particular children that suits everyone perfectly. 

Looking for Moral Support?

Read What To Do When All Seems Lost and then make your own list like this. Hang it up somewhere inside a cabinet for those crazy days when you wonder why you ever decided to do this Waldorf homeschooling in the first place!

Need More Help?

Do you have lots of resources but wonder how to put it all together? We all need to make a plan, even if we own curriculum. Join me for 3 weeks in Plan It Out, a group coaching program where you create a homeschooling plan that is just right for your family, all with my support and the support of an online community. My planning guide, described below, is included with this program.

I also offer a planning guide, Homeschool Simplicity Bundle: Your Toolkit for Grades 1-8This guidebook helps you to understand the method, provides a process for planning with tools and templates, and recommends tried and true resources for each main lesson block in every grade, 1-8. With a big picture understanding of the Waldorf approach, guidance on how to create a plan, and high quality resources, you can make Waldorf work for your family.

If you find that you are needing more help, I offer one-on-one Mentor Sessions to help you customize your plan. And really make it doable. Because the learning only happens if we actually do some things with our children!

So remember, don’t get stuck searching and searching and searching for resources. I recommend that you focus more on the practical and the doing. Just start and you can tweak from there.

May these resources help you plan for joy and connection with your children.

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