What is Taproot? It’s a Waldorf homeschool training, personal retreat, and the joy of new friends you meet at summer camp all rolled into one. That’s right. A mash-up of training, retreat, and summer camp.

I’m so looking forward to the 17th year of this training, Taproot 2023, the first weekend in August. 

Maybe this is your year to join us?

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Every year, we ask participants what their greatest learning is at Taproot. The responses are always inspiring for the Taproot Team – this year, a group of nine parents, teachers, and grandparents all of whom have experience homeschooling or working directly with Waldorf homeschoolers.

Taproot has been described as being small and intimate, very practical and hands-on, providing an abundance of collective wisdom and connections with so many wonderful people on the Waldorf path. An enriching weekend experience for attendees and presenters alike.

Here are some reflections on the Taproot Teacher Training. Honest and heartfelt reviews by participants of our time together at this 4-day annual event. 

What is Taproot? HINT: It's for Waldorf Homeschoolers Like You!

What is Taproot?

To find out, we asked past participants this question:

What was your greatest learning at Taproot?

Developing a community & renewing my spirit. So much more than I expected! I miss everyone & can’t wait to go back to Taproot! ~Sarah

Learning and teaching is about “stepping into the flow and then letting it go… surrendering…” What I loved the most about all the sessions was how hands on they were. ~Ana Carolina

Before Taproot, I really felt like I had just brushed the surface of a Waldorf education. But I was feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about how to move forward. This training really helped me build confidence to continue this journey. ~Moriah

I was able to feel the lessons, the circle times, the finger plays… prior to this, I was reading many books and many curriculums but the way that I was educated growing up was stuck in me and creating a barrier to understanding and feeling the magic that I am to bring to my child. I was stressed and feeling like I couldn’t do what Steiner had imagined for educating children. Now I feel like I get it, like it’s alive inside of me. What a blessing! ~Tara

A realization – that I already possess everything I need to teach my children. ~Emily

I learned more at Taproot than I expected, and not just about my homeschool journey. This was a spiritual retreat just as much as homeschool teacher training! ~Katie

I loved the grade level groups. It was so helpful to talk with the moderators and other parents in the same grade in visualizing what the year might look like. Planning an entire block around one book!!!  Thank you to all for your efforts and loving care to make this happen for us. What a beautiful experience. ~Brooke

Taproot has become a place of spiritual learning, soul and mind centering, a communal family learning haven where I add tools and resources every year to sharpen my skills to become a better parent, teacher, husband, and person. The things I learn do not just apply to homeschooling my children but to enriching all aspects of my life. Thank you for caring enough to make others in the world whole. ~Joe

To keep it simple and to build incrementally. I had only one year of Waldorf under my belt. The main lesson workshops were helpful to see how to build in a variety of learning activities with a great story. I was definitely stuck in a rut in my main lessons last year. ~Moriah

I left feeling relieved and empowered, full ofinspiration but in a completely non-overwhelming way. I have doable advice as well as a general sense of peace as well as excitement about these subject areas. It was all so helpful Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ~Leah

There aren’t Waldorf homeschoolers near me, so I loved gathering with like-minded people & knowing that there is a support network out there. The singing & self-reflection made it feel like a retreat for me, as well as inspiration for our homeschool year. ~Kylie 

I really liked “experiencing” the main lesson. I enjoyed learning about teaching the older grades and how to incorporate Waldorf into the realities of homeschooling. ~Amy

Do you now have a sense of what Taproot is?

Check out more Taproot details here.

And come join us this year. 

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