It’s finally here! Spring has officially arrived in Northeastern Ohio. And even with frost on the ground this morning, there are signs. Makes me want to sing a song for spring!

Just this week, the birdies started gathering twigs and grasses for their nests. The snow has melted and there are brave, little green shoots poking up out of the ground.

When the sun comes out, I can smell that moist dark earthy aroma that I love so much. Mrs. Thaw is sweeping up out there and chasing King Winter away. (Read more on Making Mrs. Thaw here.)

Today, I’ll start raking the garden and flower beds!

Happy Spring to you and your families!

A Song for Spring

Here is a Song for Spring

Early one morning, clearly I heard,

Out in my garden, songs of a bird.

You can listen to a recording of this song here: Learn 3 New Songs for Spring.


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  1. Happy Spring Jean! Delicate little snowdrop flowers are offering hope on the side of my house. So looking forward to April!

  2. I keep thinking about your Mrs. Thaw and wondering if I got one, would she tidy up my yard so that I don’t look like a redneck when my friends visit?? Just curious.
    xxoo to you.
    It’s a lovely spring day today.
    Hope it continues.

    1. I’ll work on that one! Creating a Mrs. Thaw, who like the elves, sneaks around in the gardens at night tidying up!

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