Hey there! Today, I want to talk about rhythm in homeschool life. Because rhythm is the core of homeschooling.

So I’m curious… do you ever wake up feeling overwhelmed because you don’t really have a plan for today?


  • Homeschool life feels chaotic with multiple children or extra activities on the schedule
  • “Toomuchness” is the vibe in your home lately
  • You’re skipping homeschool lessons or days OR whole weeks… or seasons
  • You get into a groove with homeschool life but things derail as soon as sickness or holidays or summer hits
  • You’re forgetting to do self-care which results feeling overwhelmed or irritable
  • You feel like the days are just slipping by and you’re dropping important lessons or necessary tasks you need to do to take care of your household or life

And, you’re thinking:

“I must be doing something wrong!”

“How will I ever get all this done?”

“We keep getting further and further behind…”

First of all – pause right there…

Here’s what you might not have realized yet:

Rhythm is at the core of what makes homeschooling life flourish.

Get my Homeschool Rhythm Starter Kit to learn how to embrace rhythm, design your day so it works for you, and create a visual to keep you on track.

I share what the rhythm secret sauce is all about and why it works!

Why does rhythm help you flourish?

Because it creates security for your children AND it holds you up.

A rhythm is simply a way of tying one activity to another. Like “we clear the table after we eat.” OR “we gather for our story after tidying up.” 

So very simple. And this gives children the comfort of knowing what to expect.

A steady rhythm each day gives you a structure to work within. It helps you to form your days and homeschooling time with your children.

It helps you to know what’s next. You and your children!

Because here’s the thing: “You will get it all done. And you’ll get it done by doing one thing at a time.” Both are true!

Remember, you have weeks. Maybe even years! And the place to begin is the here and now. Doing just one thing at a time. By following a rhythm that you’ve designed specifically for your family.

So – there’s nothing wrong with YOU – it’s just that when we try to do it all, all at once, we get so jumbled and overwhelmed. 

Creating a rhythm for your day can help you focus on one thing at a time. And keep moving forward.

If you want more help right away, check out my toolkit Homeschool Simplicity Bundle.

Rhythm is at the Core of Homeschooling

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