This beautiful post is by my dear friend and client, Eshanne Anderson. After attendance at the Waldorf Homeschool Conference 2019 in Atlanta. 

Some love for homeschooling mamas, from one to another.

Eshanne is a homeschooling mother, poet, photographer and all around creative. 

You can follow her over on Instagram @eshanne.

I have just spent the weekend with a part of my tiny tribe of homeschooling mamas. My gratitude is overflowing to have had the honor of cultivating relationships with women who weave tiny pieces of beauty and daily bring them to their children. Without being seen. Without their work being known. It is such an internal labor. Our work is not really understood by family or friends and can not {and should not} be validated by the tiny receivers of the work.

Here is what I want you to know.

Your strength truly astonishes me. Day after day… you choose to show up. You choose to sing. You choose to nourish. Even under the weight of your felt imperfections… you show up. You have picked a lonely and difficult path. You are the the bringer of what will be forever etched on your child’s heart. The bravery. The audacity. {You are the most powerful witches of the best kind.} You are the magic weavers. You are the bringers of beauty and grace. You are choosing to give the finest spun gold to your children, who if you do it right, will say all you gave them was mud.

I want you to know… this is why I value you.

Love for all the Homeschooling Mamas

Together we are at our essence a tribe of witnesses. We are not just gathering to learn but to also share. We bring our baskets of tiny treasures to be held and seen. We bring the value and worth of our work to each other. I feel like we all bring each other not scraps of our handwork… but of our hearts. Each scrap of beauty that we bring has incredible value. It has infinite worth. The tapestry of love and covering that we are weaving has weight. It covers the hearts of our children while lighting a fire within ourselves.

I am your witness.

I see your beauty. I see each offering. I see each of you discovering that your presence is the offering. The page smudged with color is the treasure. The grace and perfection of each song sung with a shaky voice is the gift. I see the realization of the incredible beauty of going deeper into your hidden inner and unexplored depths. You are bravely, while shaking, forging ahead with your candle lit. Daily you are terrified of what you will find there inside of yourself… and still you go. You reach deeper to give more.

The candle lit in your school today and the space held there is the divine space.

You are pointing their tiny faces to the stars and giving them the gift of seeing you look within.



Friends. It is such an honor to walk next to you and hold your stories in my heart. Please keep sharing your pieces of beauty that you are creating somewhere deep in the hearts of your children. I encourage you to capture it somehow… even if it’s just watercolor smeared on a page. It is holy.

Hold those pieces close to your heart. I urge you to take time to step back and see that what you are creating is indeed a stunning work of art.

 ~ Eshanne 

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  1. Beautifully said♥️. And I agree, being together in the spirit of connection and love was a very powerful force. Thank you for this, these words, this space, this support.

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