I picked out some highlights from the three lectures given by Rudolf Steiner on Day One of the Teacher’s Seminar in August of 1919.

  • We want to have a living interest in everything happening today.
  • This is a method of truly practical instruction.
  • Flexibility of spirit and devotion to our tasks are necessary.
  • The task of the teacher is to harmonize these two parts (the spiritual and the physical) to one another.
  • We permeate the whole of teaching with the artistic element.
  • Our goal is not the transmitting of knowledge as such, but rather handling the knowledge for the purpose of developing human capacities.
  • Our goal as teachers is to help the “I” settle into the body without being caught or stuck in it.
  • The child must understand not merely through his ears; communication must be from soul to soul.
  • The essential thing is to observe the child.
  • Be patient with yourselves.
  • The best thing would be to get rid of all examinations.

    Reflections on Steiner's lectures to teachers at the Steiner Cafe

The Steiner Cafe is a place to explore and reflect on the lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave at the Teacher’s Seminar in 1919, the very first Waldorf teacher training. Each month here, we ponder one day of the seminar. 

To read reflections on previous lectures, check out The Steiner Cafe page.

These lectures are published in three books; the morning lectures in The Foundations of Human Experience; later morning lectures in Practical Advice to Teachers; afternoon lectures in Discussions with Teachers. We invite you to pick up the books and read along.

If you prefer, you can read online at www.rsarchive.org, or listen at www.rudolfsteineraudio.com. Or, just meet us here each Thursday or Friday at The Steiner Cafe for some lively discussion. Lot’s of options! Hope you’ll join us.

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