Are things around you a bit chaotic? Perhaps you’re starting a new year. Or your children are challenging you in new ways. Or crazy things are happening in the world and you’re feeling rattled. No matter what other action I may take, I also make a commitment to step up my practices to foster inner quiet at times like these.

For me, it’s a time to rejuvenate my meditation practice. I have two habits in the morning time. One is to go open the door and invite God to walk with me through my day. I often open the front door and step out onto the porch to take in the morning air. I might do a sun salutation yoga pose, or just stretch and take in a deep breath. Then I open the door for God.

A quirky habit, I know. But it helps me so much. Whether you call it God, or the Great Spirit, or the Power of the Universe…I have that with me and I know that I am not alone.

My second morning habit is to find a comfortable spot to sit quietly. This is not always for a long time. I am not a skilled meditator, really. But I do like to sit quietly and repeat a verse or reading, silently (in my head), in time with my breath. So for this season, I am returning to a verse I said each morning for years, Inner Quiet. Because this verse is calling to me. 

I created a beautiful picture of the verse with a photo that I took two years ago out at a farm, out in the open spaces, so the photo reminds me of expansiveness. I like the feeling of this image for that expansiveness outwardly, coupled with Steiner’s words calling me to Inner Quiet.

I consider meditation or getting centered one of the Lively Arts for parents! Steiner called it Inner Work. Developing some kind of life-affirming practice that feeds our souls is so important to renew our own energy for what we bring to our children.

Inner Quiet

What do you do to renew yourself for homeschooling?

Want to explore your own inner quiet further? Join the Inspired at Home community where there’s a masterclass called Inner Work Journey ~ along with a library of over 30 masterclasses and group coaching calls every month.

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  1. I love that quote. Thanks for sharing it. Can’t wait to see how the walking meditation happens.

    So fun to hop around the web with you today.

    1. So fun…I’ve been saying this verse more than once a day! It really helps me to find the center. And I love all of our connections across the miles!

  2. Jean, This post is so beautiful. Thank you most for the part about opening the door in the morning for God. What a simple and perfect practice. Thank you for sharing in vulnerability and helping others build strength in spiritual practice and inner work.

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