What’s Your Self-Care Plan?

How would I have responded if you’d asked me early on in my homeschooling journey, “Jean, what’s your self-care plan?

Self-care…what’s that? A self-care plan? Who are you kidding?

Because I was always last on my list!

I was a mother of three who was trained as a classroom teacher and felt like I was ALWAYS supposed to put everyone else first.

I really felt like I should do it all and I believed I could.

Until I couldn’t. And then I felt like something was wrong with me.

This is not what I want for you. 

I want you to decide right now, today, that you will make a plan to take care of yourself

What’s Your Self-Care Plan?

I have some simple ideas to share with you!

But first, I just want to encourage you (to convince you really!) to create a thoughtfully constructed self-care plan. An intentional practice to promote your health and well-being. 

Because when we really care for ourselves, we tap into what gives our life meaning. Whether that be artistic expression, time in nature, connecting with family and friends, or spirituality. We stop depleting ourselves by giving and giving and giving. And instead, we nourish ourselves, fill ourselves back up so that we feel good inside.

You in?

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Let’s start a self-care revolution for homeschooling parents.

A Self-Care Morning Practice

Here’s my favorite way to do self-care ~ a morning practice that includes a few moments just for you. To be quiet, alone with yourself, and anchored in the present. First thing, before you start your homeschooling day.

Let’s keep it super simple ~ that’s a theme around here.

Here’s my approach: choose an acronym for your morning practice to help you remember to do this each day soon after you wake up.

Think of this acronym as an anchor ~ an abbreviation formed from the first letters of words that then becomes an easily remembered word. 

Time to share some simple ideas with you! What’s your self-care plan going to be?

Ideas for Your Self-Care Plan


  • M = meditate
  • E = exercise

You could meditate for 5 minutes using a free tool like Insight Timer that has thousands of guided meditations. And do some simple stretching, yoga, or a workout routine. Or maybe your “E” stands for express and you could write in your journal.


  • I = inner
  • Q = quiet

To me, starting my day with a moment of quiet is the best. And for years, this was my practice. I’d make a cup of hot tea, hold it in my hands while standing in the middle of our kitchen, close my eyes, and recite a poem to myself. It was Rudolf Steiner’s poem literally called Inner Quiet. You could memorize any poem or prayer and do this each morning. 


  • W = walk
  • H = hydrate
  • Y = yoga

You get the idea!

Here’s a longer one that comes from author Claire Diaz-Ortiz in her book Design Your Day


  • P = pray
  • R = read 
  • E = express
  • S = schedule
  • E = exercise
  • N = nourish
  • T = track

I love this one because to me, it stands for staying in the present but also giving yourself a present each morning.

Start with a prayer, read something inspirational, express yourself in a journal, schedule your day, get a little exercise, eat, and then track your habits. 

Any of these acronyms can work! Or make up your own. It’s just a simple way to keep you accountable by reminding you to take good care of yourself and add a little balance to your day.

More Self-Care Plan Ideas

These days, I keep a basket of inspirational books in a little basket right beside my chair in the living room. After Brian makes me my morning coffee (I know, it’s so sweet!), I take the basket and head outside to the deck first thing.

I often find something in one of my daily readings that I write down at the top of my planner. And honestly, this little practice of taking in the birdsong and nature in my backyard, coupled with some inspiring words, carries me through my day. It’s so simple and yet so nourishing.

Here are a few more ideas to inspire you!

  • keeping a poetry journal by copying or printing and pasting in poems you love
  • collage journaling
  • bullet journaling with a daily brain dump
  • gratitude journaling
  • one line a day journaling
  • taking a quiet kitchen moment to box breathe and drink a glass of water
  • taking a hot bath
  • indulging in a piece of dark chocolate and a novel every afternoon before cooking dinner

Whatever you choose, be intentional about that simple slice of time and little practice. Visualize it filling you up with each breath you take!

A Self-Care Plan That Works for You

I hope these ideas inspire you to create a self-care plan that works for YOU.

Keep it as simple as it needs to be for it to work. 

Believe me when I say, it all starts with deciding that you matter. So that you can then find a way to answer the question, “What’s your self-care plan?

Any time you get off track or feel like there’s chaos all around, remember this:

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

~Anne Lamott

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