It’s the Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere – with long days of sunshine. Time for celebrating summer solstice.

For all the other solstices and equinoxes, we pick a date on or near the day and plan a celebration. But Summer Solstice seems to always appear suddenly and we’re never prepared!

Inspiration and ideas for celebrating the summer solstice with kids. Plan a fun summer play day with friends or a backyard camp out. Happy Solstice!

Often our summer gathering takes place in late June or July, always way after the solstice. I think this is the nature of this time of year, with its big energy and expansiveness.

Over the years, our family has celebrated summer in many different ways, but my two favorites are gathering for a Summer Play Day and going camping.

Here are some ideas for celebrating Summer Solstice.

Summer Play Day

A Summer Play Day is great fun. Invite at least a few other families – think cousins or neighbors or your homeschooling buddies – and pick a local park for your outing. Invite each family to bring one activity for the kids, and each family sets up a “station.” Here are some ideas:

  • a big jump rope (make sure you know some good, old-fashioned jump rope rhymes)
  • big bubbles (you can fill a baby pool and use hula hoops and other wire shapes to make big bubbles)
  • a wet felting project
  • sidewalk chalk
  • a craft project
  • three-legged or sack races
  • wind wands or pinwheels

There are so many possibilities! Bring a snack or pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy some summer fun.

Summer Camping

Every year, the National Wildlife Federation promotes family camping with the Great American Campout! If you’ve never gone camping before, your backyard is a great place to start. The National Wildlife Federation has lots of ideas at the link above.

You can pitch a tent in your own backyard, cook up some hot dogs and s’mores and enjoy the outdoors. We have some neighbors with two young children who leave a tent set up in their backyard all summer long!

 Happy Solstice to you all! How are you planning to celebrate?


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