Why We Love Monarch Butterflies

Welcome to a warm and wonderful conversation on the Art of Homeschooling podcast with my dear friend, Janet Kramer, all about why we love monarch butterflies. Thanks for joining us!

As homeschoolers, parents, community members, and global citizens, raising monarchs has been an amazing experience for both me and my guest, Janet.

There’s not much more captivating to children then watching a fat, colorful caterpillar change into a chrysalis and then into a beautiful butterfly right before their eyes. And watching and experiencing this transformation strengthens the scientific skill of observation in our children.

Noticing details and changes over time is such an important skill for learners of all ages!

And then there’s the metamorphosis itself. This amazing transformation is so inspiring and stirs powerful feelings in us as we watch it happen.

You might be drawn to monarchs for any number of reasons ~ from protecting the environment, to teaching your children, to being inspired to grow and change year after year as a human being.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find some gems in this conversation, all about why we love monarch butterflies. So tap play and follow along with the highlights below. Don’t forget to click through to explore the suggested resources, as well.

Let’s jump in with my guest, Janet!

Highlights from Our Converation, Why We Love Monarch Butterflies

  • 0:47 Jean introduces her guest and longtime homeschooling friend, Janet Kramer
  • 5:11 Raising monarchs is a community or neighbor event
  • 8:37 There’s no one right way to raise monarchs, but learning from neighbors or friends is a bonus!
  • 11:30 Raising butterflies, stage by stage
  • 14:53 Tips from Monarch Watch to raise monarchs outside
  • 16:15 Enclosures for caterpillars
  • 18:40 Caterpillars & the larva stage
  • 20:20 The “J” and the chyrsalis
  • 23:59 The butterfly emerges
  • 29:48 And now it’s a butterfly!
  • 30:32 Learning more about monarchs every year through experience
  • 31:47 Male vs. female butterflies
  • 32:38 Metamorphisis
  • 33:28 “Hope for the Flowers”, a sweet little inspirational book for adults
  • 35:12 Books for kids
  • 36:29 Eastern & Western monarch populations
  • 37:12 More about Monarch Watch
  • 38:41 “The Girl Who Drew Butterflies”, a book for the middle grades
  • 41:15 Inspiration to learn more, grow milkweed, or raise caterpillars

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” 

~R. Buckminster Fuller

Resources about Monarchs

Monarch Watch ~ An online resource for education, conservation, and research about monarchs. Check out their tagging program and their Monarch Habitat Certification Program!

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And here’s one last link to explore more about nature study in your family and your homeschool. Check out Episode 91 of the podcast, “How Can We Restore Connections Through Nature Study?

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