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Here in Episode 65 of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast, I want to give you a little behind the scenes tour! So today, let’s go behind the scenes so I can share with you my excitement and pride in the work I do everyday and the journey and inspiration that lead me here.

Welcome to My Little Treehouse Studio

As I record this episode, I’m upstairs on the third floor of our home in what I call my little treehouse.

We live in the quintessential historic suburban Cleveland neighborhood and our small-ish home is over 100 years old. This is the home I brought all of my babies home to, raised all of my kiddos in, and which still holds the heart of our family, even though my kiddos are now grown.

It’s tall and narrow, three stories! And we have what’s known as a railroad kitchen which is long and narrow, like the shape of a railroad car.

I love working from my home and I have multiple offices ~ my sunroom office downstairs, my outdoor office on the back deck when the weather is warm, my living room office where I snuggle with our dog, Gus, and my little treehouse studio on the third floor.

Here are just a few of things I love about my Art of Homeschooling ofice spaces:

  • My book cases stuffed with resources I’ve collected over my 30 years of teaching and parenting; resources that I have at my fingertips when working one-on-one with homeschooling parents, planning masterclasses for our membership community, or scheduling workshops for our Taproot Teacher Trainings every summer
  • Grade level materials in cozy cloth bins where I’ve collected lesson plans, beautiful stories and books, example main lesson books, and art samples
  • Bookshelves of read alouds
  • Art supplies, yarn, and craft materials
  • All of my old journals and planners
  • Techy stuff like my microphone and camera for recording
  • My tech guy ~ who happens to be my sweet, patient husband Brian
  • My best office mate and daily companion, Gus the dog

Behind the Scenes

When I look back on those years of daily lessons plans, endless snacks, muddy boots, and busy days teaching at co-ops, I never could have imagined that all that was only one leg of my journey in the field of home education.

Now when I’m asked about my business, here’s how I describe my work:

I help parents and homeschoolers design their day so that their children can learn and grow in healthy ways. But what I really do is help parents feel better about themselves while in the midst of family life.

Jean Miller

So nowadays, what goes on behind the scenes here at Art of Homeschooling?

I spend my time each day supporting the members of my Inspired at Home coaching community. This community offers the support I wish I would have had when my children where young. Inside our Inspired at Home monthly masterclasses, we dive deep into one particular aspect of homeschooling or parenting. We learn together in the midst of our daily busyness. With this community, I have found a way to support so many homeschooling families all over the world and to host a beautiful, loving community of parents.

In addition to Inspired at Home and my one-on-one mentorship clients, I can also be found creating new podcast episodes, sharing content on social media, and dreaming of fresh new ways to support homeschoolers at a time when more and more parents are choosing this path.

I now have two assistants who help me with all the things….Sarah and Dominique, both homeschooling moms themselves. I couldn’t do everything  I do without them and I am so grateful. So shout out to you two!

I’m So Grateful That I Get To Do This Work

Honestly, it is such an honor and joy to support homeschooling families on their parenting and homeschooling journeys. Doing this work is something I never could have imagined, but now I think I have the best job in the world. And I’m thrilled with what I now offer the homeschooling world:

So that’s really the behind-the-scenes here at Art of Homeschooling!

As I’m recording this in my little treehouse up on the third floor of my house, I think about all the homeschoolers I’ve reached over the years, maybe thousands by now. I’ve had hundreds of one-on-one clients, I support this wonderful membership community of homeschooling parents, and I reach so many of you through this podcast.

And I truly feel that this my calling ~ my life’s work and such a joy.💜

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I record my homeschooling podcast in my little third floor studio, my treehouse. Let's go behind the scenes so I can show you around & share my inspiration!

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