What I Wish I’d Known When We Started Homeschooling

Hey, hey my friend! In this episode 48 of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast, I’m sharing all about what I wish I’d known when we started homeschooling. 

It’s the beginning of September right now and I’m calling this my back-to-homeschooling episode.

This time of year is full of reflection for me as my three children are all grown now. I’m looking back on my own homeschooling journey so that you can see a picture of the whole journey.

Watching my children navigate the world as young adults and adults, I can see that it really all worked out. I love that each of my children have found or are finding work that they enjoy. And ways of contributing to their communities. Oh, how I wish I had known this at the beginning of my journey.

One moment, one day, one step at a time, and look where we are!  

I know how hard it can be to live into this and to trust the process. If you’re on the journey, take heart in these ten kernels of wisdom I wish someone would have shared with me way back when. 

I really hope that you have someone in your life who is a few steps ahead of you in homeschooling and parenting, to help you navigate with confidence and ease. If not, check out my link in the resources below to read more about my one-on-one mentoring sessions. 

Below you’ll find a listening guide for this episode with time stamps and the ten things I wish I’d known when we started homeschooling. And a free printable of inspiration from the episode as well. 

There is no way we can give our children all the knowledge they’ll need in their lives. What we can do instead is help them on the road to lifelong learning. 

What I Wish I’d Known When We Started Homeschooling

1:33 You don’t owe anyone an explanation about your family’s choice to homeschool.
3:57 Rather than perfection, let’s focus on connection.
5:23 Your curriculum choice is not as important as you might think.
8:27  Trying to do it all everyday will steal your joy.
10:42 Your homeschool doesn’t need to look like a classroom.
12:19 We don’t have to have it all figured out before we can begin.
13:36 Leave room for surprise learning.
14:52 Taking good care of yourself is an important part of your job.
16:19 Homeschooling is as much a journey for us as it is for our children.
17:05  Home is the most important part of homeschooling.

Confidence, clarity, and creative ideas come from taking action and diving in.

Resources for You

Looking for planning support and curriculum guidance from an experienced homeschooler who’s kids have finished high school and gone on to graduate college? That’s me! I have a Master of Arts in education and 30+ years of teaching and homeschooling experience. Find out more about my one-on-one mentoring service here

If you struggle with perfectionism and overthinking like me, you’ll want to check out this episode of the podcast: Overthinkers Anonymous. Here you’ll find great tips for getting unstuck and moving forward with your homeschooling. 

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