Celebrate Your Homeschool Year

Let’s talk about why and how to celebrate your homeschool year. 

There was a year when my boys were young that I call The Year We Only Did One Main Lesson Block THE ENTIRE YEAR.

Yep! I learned the hard way how to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments and how to notice and appreciate ALL the wins. 

Taking time to celebrate our homeschool accomplishments is so often forgotten. But it’s one of the most important steps on our homeschooling journey. Because what we focus on will grow! 

So, if you’ve reached the end of your homeschooling year…

You’re not alone if you feel…

  • Tired, burned out, lacking energy.
  • Disappointed that the school year fizzled out.
  • Like everyone just wants to be outside, in the garden, in the yard, in the woods, or at the park.
  • Bad about the things that didn’t get done.
  • Lacking motivation to finish strong.

What’s the remedy? Celebration!

Celebrate the wins and the journey!

The year I was so sick during my pregnancy with my daughter, we only did one really, really tiny main lesson block. But you know what, my boys learned so much. And when I was able to get a little distance from the pain and disappointment, I realized that we needed to celebrate the learning and growing that had happened. 

In order to make our homeschooling journeys sustainable, we need to cultivate the positive energy and let it grow. Learn to let go of comparisons and harsh self-judgment. Let go of the plan that didn’t get completed. And recognize it for what it was — just a plan. When we accept our situation and step back and notice our accomplishments, there’s a lot to celebrate! Here are just a few ideas:

Ideas to Celebrate Your Homeschooling Year 

  • Plan a family party
  • Go on a fun outing or day trip
  • Cook a special family dinner & eat outside on the deck or patio
  • Lay out all of your child’s work and let each child tell about their favorite things
  • Go to a splash park or amusement park
  • Spend a weekend or a day at the beach
  • Take photographs and create a scrapbook or slideshow
  • Gather with extended family for a show n’ tell presentation
  • Make popsicles and play in the sprinkler
  • Plant some seeds and discuss the ideas that were planted during your lesson throughout the year
  • Remember to embrace the fun, the appreciation, and the gratitude ~ no matter how big or small your celebration is!

So instead of fizzling out, celebrate your homeschool year!

And then step into summer and let it all rest. I hope you’ll find yourself with more energy to plan and prepare for whatever comes next for you.?

The Summer Reset

This transition at the end of the school year has become so important to me that I’ve broken the idea down into four simple steps: GATHER, CELEBRATE, REJUVINATE, & CREATE. 

If you want to go through these four steps with me to wrap up your school year and step into summer, look for The Summer Reset each year in May.

An Online Gathering for Holistic Homeschoolers
May 20-23, 2024

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Celebrate Your Homeschool Year

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