Encouragement for Moms

Mother’s Day is a sweet holiday. I like the idea of a day for showing appreciation toward mothers and mother figures worldwide. An annual day to celebrate mothers and motherhood and maternal bonds, as well as the positive contributions mothers make to society. I love honoring mothers!

But to be perfectly honest, I’ve ended the holiday more than once feeling disappointed and underappreciated!

So today, I want to share some tips with you for celebrating YOU and inviting your family to join in. Tips for making the most out of your Mother’s Day.

I also want to acknowledge that Mother’s Day can bring up a range of emotions. And my heart goes out to each of you as we approach this holiday, no matter what you may be feeling: whether it’s love, appreciation and joy, or grief, disappointment and sadness.

So many emotions can surface around this holiday, from anger or guilt to pride and contentment. Sometimes we may even wonder if we’re doing a good job at this mothering thing! I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you. No matter what feelings you’re experiencing today.

There are a lot of expectations for a mother to give and give. We often put these expectations on ourselves as well! And there’s not always enough support or appreciation for all that we do.

As moms, we create and hold the emotional space for our entire family, and that requires a lot of energy. And, it’s work that’s not always visible.

So let me ask you a question: Do you ever feel gypped on Mother’s Day as a homeschooling Mom? Like we should get some sort of extra, double bonus treatment on this holiday, thanking us for all the incredible work that we do?

While I know it’s possible for your family to shower you with love and gifts and appreciation, that doesn’t always play out the way we imagine!

And… if we sit around expecting it, waiting for all the appreciation and extra attention, I know from experience the end result will be disappointment!

My biggest Mother’s Day tip?

Ask for what you want!!!!

Just say it out loud – I’d really like for us all to go to the park for the afternoon! Or I want to plant some flowers together. It’s so much easier than wishing someone could read your mind!

Think about how you want to spend your day, and ask your family for that! I can tell you from experience, this works!

And tip #2…

Give yourself some love!!!

You might even suggest a particular gift another could give you. Or, buy one for yourself! I have a wonderful list of great gift ideas for mamas that you can check out here.

I save an old post-it note from one of my kiddos that reads, “I love you so, so, so, much!” I save it because it reminds me of how invisible love can be.

But that doesn’t mean the love isn’t there! Gifts or no gifts, special treatment or not, the love is in there. I promise.

So here’s my wish for you: May you appreciate whatever comes your way today and not get stuck on what doesn’t!

And may we all might see little glimmers of the depths of love and appreciation that we foster in our families.

A Gift for You

If you need help getting in touch with feelings of worthiness, check out my little gift to you, The Mother’s Day Manifesto.

In this printable, I’ve created 10 affirmations to help you honor all you do for your family. Print this out, hang it on the wall, put it in your planner. As a reminder.

I know deep in my heart that the work we are doing in the world is important and appreciated regardless of how many gifts or flowers we get. Let us remember that!

Here are a few other ideas for how you might spend your Mother’s Day:

  • Reflect on the women in your family.
  • Remember the births of your children and when you first became a mother.
  • Honor your family and all the learning that you help facilitate.
  • AND, Accept all the emotions that come your way.

“Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up despite the struggles.” ~Sharon Jaynes

No matter what your Mother’s Day looks like, and whatever you’re feeling today, you are not alone. I’m thinking of you and honoring all you do.

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Encouragement for Moms

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