Conversations with Moms Who Love Inner Work

Listen in as I talk with three different moms who each share a slice of their homeschooling journey – how taking care of themselves and practicing inner work for homeschooling moms helps them enjoy the journey.

So without any further ado, I want to introduce you to three homeschooling moms – Justine, Maxime, and Carly.

All three of these mamas are homeschoolers who took part of my Inner Work Journey experience last spring. And in these chats during this episode, we talk about how inner work has enriched their homeschooling lives and helped them feel more grounded, accepting, and confident.

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At First, Homeschooling is All About the Children

Often, when we first come to this work of homeschooling, we think it’s all about our children. That’s our main motivation.

But pretty soon we realize that homeschooling is a journey for us as well.

“As my kids got older and I realized how depleted I was becoming, I realized...Oh, inner work! Right. So I need to sustain myself for this homeschooling work I’m doing. It’s not just all give, give, give. We have to be rejuvenated and feel like we’re getting something from the experience, too.” ~Carly

We often discover that we have some personal work to do to overcome our inner thought patterns, to become more conscious of our thoughts and feelings and actions. And to find ways to strive for the good no matter what. To find peace no matter what. So that we can feed the forces for good that are within us and in turn share that with our children and families.

“One of the biggest things that changed in my life after Inner Work Journey was being patient with myself and giving myself more grace. When things don’t go according to plan, in homeschooling or just in parenting in general, I’m just so much less harsh on myself and more gentle with myself. It’s just a much nicer place to live!” ~Justine

Our Children Benefit from Seeing Us Striving

Many many years ago, when I was feeling overwhelmed on my own homeschooling journey, my mentor Barbara Dewey shared with me that much of what our children gain from a home learning environment is watching us strive to become better people.

This modeling goes beyond the lessons. Beyond words even. And allows children to experience what it’s like to strive to be the best humans we can be.

As I reflect back over the past year, this experience really solidified the importance of taking time to care for myself. I make time every day now to do something creative and that’s part of my inner work. I know that I’m worth it and that I’m actually born with that right to give myself that time. The Inner Work Journey was really what brought it all together for me.” ~Maxime

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Conversations with Moms Who Love Inner Work

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