Create Art & Joy in Your Homeschool Life

This new episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast is for homeschoolers who want to create art & joy in your homeschool life every day in a simple, inspiring, and doable way. 🎨💜☀️

I have four suggestions for you to weave art & joy into your homeschooling journey. So hit that play button above and listen in for a fresh dose of homeschooling energy. And follow along with the show notes below, where you’ll find links & resources mentioned in this episode.

#1: Embrace the Arts

The idea of weaving the arts into daily life comes from Waldorf education and the work of Rudolf Steiner.

From painting and drawing to music and dance, the arts provide a creative outlet for self-expression and can bring joy and beauty to daily life.

There are simple ways to embrace the arts in your daily homeschooling routine.

You could start each day with a song or poem, drawing or painting exercise. Or set aside time each week for music lessons or a family sing-along.

Rudolf Steiner believed that the arts were the antidote to teaching that was too abstract. He said the arts bring us joy as human beings AND make the lessons and learning memorable.

Many of us may think of the arts as a separate “school subject.” But as homeschoolers, we want to see them as an integral part of the lessons themselves.

The arts are a way for us to respond to the world around us, and in homeschooling, for children to respond to what they’re learning.

Have you ever wondered WHY the Waldorf approach is built around the arts? For many of us, these artistic activities are what draw us into the Waldorf method to begin with. So if you want to hear more, I suggest you have a listen to episode #23 here on the podcast, where we explore the why behind the arts as well as some practical ways you can weave the lively arts into your homeschool lessons. You’ll find the link in the More for Your Journey section below.

#2: Connect with Nature

Another important aspect of Waldorf education is the connection with nature which inspires awe and wonder. Whether it’s observing the changing seasons, or planting seeds and watching them grow, being in nature grounds us and connects us like nothing else.

Spending time outdoors can inspire creativity and bring a sense of peace and tranquility to daily life. So consider taking your homeschooling outside by incorporating nature walks, gardening, or outdoor art projects into your daily rhythm.

We can also weave nature directly into our lessons. In the early grades, nature study teaches the skill of keen observation, a skill which is critical to the study of the sciences such as physics and chemistry in later grades. It all stems from connecting with the natural world as often as possible!

#3: Create a Joyful Environment

My third tip for creating art & joy in your homeschool life is to create a joyful environment. This is so essential to homeschooling.

Here are some simple ways you can create a joyful environment:

  • Bring elements of nature into your indoor environment
  • Create a nature table
  • Brighten up your space with aromatherapy oils in a diffuser
  • Use baskets to sort and organize your materials
  • Display your children’s art and handcrafts
  • Surround yourself with objects that bring joy and beauty into your life

I find there are some specific times during the homeschool year when we want to focus more on refreshing our space: at the end of one year, the beginning of the next, and often half way through. So be sure to set aside some time to do this when the seasons change.

#4: Follow Your Child’s Interests

Finally, it’s important to follow your child’s interests and passions in order to bring joy and excitement to your homeschooling journey.

Whether it’s a particular art form, musical instrument, or nature study, allowing your child to pursue their interests can bring a sense of purpose and ownership to their learning.

It’s kind of like at mealtimes when we want a child to try something new…we also want to include something we know they already like on the plate as well.

So in homeschooling, be sure to layer the learning to include some of your child’s interests. And as they grow through the grades, you can weave more and more interest-led learning into your homeschooling.

Create Art & Joy in Your Homeschool Life

I’ll wrap up by saying that Waldorf-inspired homeschooling offers a unique approach to education that incorporates the arts, nature, and joy into our daily lives. By embracing the arts, connecting with nature, creating a joyful environment, and following your child’s interests, you can create a homeschooling experience that is both enriching and joyful. 

More for Your Journey

Have you ever wondered WHY the Waldorf approach is built around the arts? For many of us, these artistic activities are what draw us into the Waldorf method to begin with. In Episode #23, Weaving the Lively Arts into Our Lessons, we explore the why behind the arts as well as some practical ways you can weave the lively arts into your homeschool lessons.

One of my family’s favorite ways to bring joy and wonder into our homeschooling life through the years has been raising monarch butterflies. If you want to hear all about that journey, check out episode #98, Why We Love Monarch Butterflies.

You might also enjoy episode #91, How Can We Restore Connections Through Nature Study.

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Find inspiration for following your child’s interests and curiosity in episode #95, Curiosity is the Best Remedy for Overwhelm.

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