Choosing To Homeschool

On the podcast today, we’re talking all about choosing to homeschool. For so many of us, myself included, homeschooling is not just a one and done decision.

We choose homeschooling over and over again throughout our family’s educational journey as we seek out the best educational setting for each of our kiddos over the years.

Choosing to Homeschool

I never expected to homeschool three children for over 25 years of my life!

But I did, and it ended up being so beautiful and enriching. I never could have imagined all the benefits.

I started my teaching career as a high school English teacher. With a Master of Arts in Teaching, I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives as a classroom teacher.

And I dreamed of teaching at our local public school, nearby my children, and spending summers having fun with my family.

Over and over throughout their growing and learning years, I made the choice to educate my kiddos at home.

Two of my three kids also went to brick and mortar schools, for a bit. Our oldest went to private school in 8th grade and then to public high school for 4 years. Our youngest went to private school for part of 1st grade one year when I was really sick. Overall though, we mostly homeschooled.

Here in this episode of the podcast, I share a few stories of what choosing homeschooling has looked like for me and my family so you can get a sense of how this might play out in your life. 

So listen in! I think you’ll find some food for thought here!

Choosing to Homeschool through the Ups and Downs

Our family made it through many ups and downs on the homeschooling journey.

How you might ask? Because I found an amazing mentor and got the homeschooling support I needed.  Also, I learned how to simplify.

I discovered how to meet my children right where they were and to tap into my own inspiration. 

We had so many heartwarming times! AND these three souls are now out in the adult world. They’re making it. We actually did it!

I often say I have the luxury of hindsight now. Seeing your kiddos blossom into who they’re meant to be is just magical. 

Choosing to Homeschool is a Gift

Recently, my husband and I watched a documentary called The Disruptors, which follows the lives of several kids with ADHD, a topic that my own family is quite familiar with.

And it really made me realize what a gift it is to be able to homeschool. From my own personal experience, I have seen that most school settings just aren’t the best places for kids who learn differently.

In addition to appreciating the amazing gift of being able to homeschool, I was struck by the incredible gifts that neurodivergent children and adults have, along with their challenges. Just like all humans. Some call people with ADHD “creative geniuses.”

I highly recommend this film!

What I Believe to be True

I believe in a world where…

  • Child development is prioritized in every educational setting.
  • Learning differences are acknowledged, even celebrated, and educational alternatives are available to all children.
  • Homeschooling is seen as a legitimate educational choice and homeschooling parents are valued as doing important work in this world.

This is why I started the Art of Homeschooling. I want to help homeschooling parents everywhere to simplify and find joy in the journey.

I Offer Something Unique

For those choosing to homeschool, I offer something unique.

Through my experience over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no open-and-go way to do ANY of the styles of homeschooling. There is NO open-and-go curriculum!

You can get curriculum and homeschooling materials anywhere and everywhere. They’re just a click away. And you probably have enough on your bookshelves right now!

But what are you going to DO with the resources you have?

Each and every one of you need to find Your. Very. Own. Path. 

Even if you have a favorite method or approach to homeschooling, you still need to make it work, fit, and resonate with your real life circumstances.

And this is what is unique about the Art of Homeschooling. We’re not offering you another curriculum.

Waldorf-inspired Homeschooling

The Art of Homeschooling is inspired by Waldorf Education.

And here’s why!

  • Having a rhythm helps (a ton!)
  • The stages of childhood development are important to consider when bringing lessons.
  • The arts and hands-on learning make the content more fun and memorable.

To me, these principles are universal and reach across all pedagogy!

So I’m happy to sprinkle in Waldorf insights, but don’t worry, no dogma!

Finding Your Homeschooling Path

I see you. I know what it’s like to choose the homeschooling path, to fumble and stumble, but then to pick yourself back up and find your way.

There is always a way!

Homeschooling can be simple, inspiring, and doable. Aligned with your values and hopes and dreams for your family. It’s my mission to inspire you and encourage you along the way!

Resources for Your Homeschooling Journey

Find out more here about how I support homeschoolers like you from all over the world on the homeschooling journey.

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