Reflections of a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later

Hey there, my friend! This episode of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast is Reflections of a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later.

And guess what? This is Episode #100 of the podcast!!! Whoa! So exciting.

As I’m recording this episode, I’ve just returned from our oldest child’s wedding. The first of our three kiddos to get married. And let me tell you, it is such a joy to watch our children find partners they love. And now our son and his new wife have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. We all had such fun at the wedding and my heart is so full. 💗

So I thought this would be the perfect time to share a few reflections about parenting adult children and how homeschooling really enriched our lives and relationships.

Welcome to Episode #100: Reflections of a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later!

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This is the 100th Episode of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast

I feel so humbled and honored at the reach that this simple act of recording an episode every week brings. We now have over 50,000 downloads! Just mind-boggling to me.

The goal of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast is to help parents everywhere embrace homeschooling in a way that makes it simple, inspired, and doable.

And I just want to thank you, dear listener, for being here, for listening, and for sharing this podcast with other homeschoolers! Thank you!!!

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Reflections of a Homeschool Mom 26 Years Later

Our family’s first year of homeschooling was exactly 26 years ago this month! And I want to share with you my reflections about parenting young adults and the benefits of homeschooling that I see now, all these years later. 

We have gained so much from being a homeschooling family. And three qualities stand out to me in particular as I reflect back and look at my grown children today: loyalty, acceptance, and self-sufficiency.

And now, on to the highlights from this episode, my reflections 26 years later. Tap that play button above to listen!

Reflections on Loyalty

One of the things I see most clearly 26 years after beginning our homeschooling journey is this strong sense of loyalty that everyone in our little family of 5 has.

Of course, this is partly a personality trait. But I also see how all our years of homeschooling really deepened this sense of togetherness – a strong feeling of support for each other no matter what. Over the years, closeness ebbs and flows, but the loyalty remains and only grows.

Looking back, I see how our time spent together fostered this strong sense of loyalty over the years. And now that everyone is grown and an adult, that quality is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

Reflections on Acceptance

This one is so special to me. I see such a sense of acceptance of differences, of each other, and of our humanness in each of my kiddos. An understanding that none of us are perfect.

We can all honor each others’ gifts while appreciating our own. We can also accept our faults with a gentle love. I really think this sense of acceptance comes from years of spending so much time together!

Some say that what families offer is a way for each of us to smooth out our rough edges over time. And I see that so clearly in my family.

To me, one of the goals of homeschooling is to help each of our children find their unique gifts and then go out and share them with the world. It all starts with acceptance.

Reflections on Self-Sufficiency

And finally, a huge quality that homeschooling fosters is self-sufficiency. I love how each of my kids is determined to make their own way in the world.

Each of my children has such fascinating interests – from mountain biking to pickling vegetables to backpacking. And when they want to learn something new ~ they read books, find mentors, and invite their partners or friends to join in their adventures.

I remember at the beginning of our homeschooling journey, when Brian and I wrote a family vision statement, one of the things we really wanted was for our children to learn how to learn by fostering a love of learning. And now I see the results of that vision that was only an idea in the beginning.

Looking Back on Our Vision for Homeschooling

I highly recommend you write a family vision statement if you haven’t already. One of the joys at this stage in life is to go back and read it all these years later and see how much of it came to be.

You can see the actual statement my husband, Brian, and I wrote in the beginning of our homeschooling journey back in 1996 right here.

Our vision statement became a beacon of light to guide us through the days and years in a really sweet and nurturing way!

~episode #4

My Message for You, Dear Homeschooling Parent

So as we wrap up, here’s my message to all homeschoolers: it’s worth it!

In a nutshell, I encourage you to relax, simplify, and trust. Because the days are long and the years are short, my friend.

As a homeschooling mentor, I hope by sharing these qualities that homeschooling cultivates…that I can encourage you and assure you that you CAN do this homeschooling thing even when some days are wild & wonky. 

To remind you that homeschooling is a long game. 

And that you, dear homeschooling parent, are doing important work in this world.

I feel so honored and grateful now to spend my days guiding others on the homeschooling journey. To help you develop the clarity and confidence to find a path for yourself that works for your unique family. It’s an amazing journey!

And I hope this episode has truly helped you to see that you’re right where you need to be!

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