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The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short



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  1. Just what I needed today Jean – thanks 🙂

    I’d love to hear more about “life after homeschool” and what that means for a Waldrf loving Mom. How do I justify a nature table for just little ‘ol me without looking like I’m living in the past? (smile)

    Feeling very untethered these days… and yes, routine and rhythm help, but still…

    1. Hi, Penny and thanks for your comment. Yes, untethered is a good word! I find having projects and a steady rhythm really helps. I still keep my nature table after all these years because it brings me such joy. 🙂 I’ll bring you some more posts on “life after homeschooling” for sure. We may need to start a support group!

  2. Oh this is so perfect. Your post title is one of my favorite lines to help me gather myself. Even when my oldest was just 10, I could already begin reflecting that the one piece of advice that stuck from when she was born was to appreciate all the moments, good and bad, because it all goes so quickly. I just completed your survey this morning and read-aloud (‘couch time’) is one our greatest connectors. Also, your note ‘when they let me’ to hugging and touching is spot on for the over 12s. ❤️

    1. It’s so true, isn’t it Nicola? Such good advice to appreciate it all, both good and bad, because the days really do slip away.

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