Why create seasonal celebrations?

Because they help us to pause, to take a moment to be grateful, to lighten the load and light the path. For me, seasonal celebrations provide anchor points in the year.

The solstices and equinoxes are astronomical events. Ever think of that? Yes, the solstices are when the sun is at it’s farthest or closest point to earth, and the equinoxes are when the sun is directly over the equator so we have a moment of equal amounts of sunlight and darkness. The halfway points between these 4 seasonal events are known as cross-quarter days.

I say, let’s celebrate these moments! Because no matter where you are on the earth, and no matter what you believe, these 8 moments of the year impact all of us. They change how we dress and what our activities might be, indoors and out.

At about the halfway point between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, comes Halloween, All Soul’s Day, or Martinmas. Many cultures have created celebrations at around these 8 special moments in the year.

Homemade Lanterns

In the fall, when the trees start to let go of their leaves, and those leaves rustle and crunch on the ground as we walk outdoors, and dusk comes earlier and earlier in the evening, I am ready to craft a lantern and go for a walk at dusk.

Plan Your Lantern FestivalWant to join in this lantern walk ritual? Check out all you need to know here: The Lantern Festival.

Maybe a lantern walk becomes part of your Thanksgiving celebration. Or next year’s Halloween ritual.

Whatever you decide to do with your family, remember that celebrating the seasons gives us reason to pause. Connect. And feel grateful.


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