Details About the Taproot Teacher Training + FAQs

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite weekends of the whole entire year: the Taproot Teacher Training for Homeschoolers.

Taproot has happened every summer on the 1st weekend in August, for 14 years! That makes this year, 2021, the 15th annual homeschool training this year.

In the past, this has been an in-person event, but last year, we went online and will again this year. We’d love to have you join us for the 15th annual Taproot Teacher Training. And today, I’m here to tell you all about Taproot and answer some questions so you can decide if this training is right for you.

If you’d rather read than listen, you can jump right to the registration page for Taproot 2021

Registration for Taproot 2021 closes July 31st

Let me start by sharing a brief description of the Taproot Teacher Training. And then I’ll dive into frequently asked questions in case you’re wondering any of these same things.

All About Taproot

Taproot is both a LIVE online weekend, plus a library of over 25 recorded workshops. The live weekend takes place August 5th-8th on Zoom. That’s Thursday through Sunday, and our longest day together is Saturday. During our weekend together, we’ll explore inner work, rhythm, child development, main lesson block planning for multiple ages, and how to use stories to teach.

Plus breakout rooms for conversations with others on this journey, giveaways, and goodie bags and so many fun activities.

The workshops are presented by 12 different amazing educators this year, all with experience with homeschooling. You will learn from folks with large families and small families, folks who teach with an art strength or focus, folks who teach with a science as a focus or strength, moms who teach with a love of literature and dads (one dad) who teaches from a love of nature. So many diverse voices, experiences, and homeschooling paths.

Taproot is not about a group of homeschool “experts” giving you lofty deals. This is folks on the ground, tapping into their own homeschool experience, modeling for you how homeschooling might look, and awakening ideas for you to blossom into.

This year’s theme is Standing Like a Tree to help ground us and while we branch out. The LIVE weekend is a time to pause and notice your strength. Your roots. Your center. Your branches. ALL the life YOU give – and how vital YOU are.

We’ll have demonstrations of Circle Time. Singing. Puppet Shows. Storytelling. Painting. Drawing. Recorder. Main lessons. Handwork. And one of the joys of Taproot that participants share over and over again is how wonderful it is to come be the student for once.

This is an online experience, a weekend to reconnect with yourself, learn new skills, and remember your WHY. At Taproot, you’ll get to experience all of that self-care goodness through workshops, new friends, and more. Taproot is also an opportunity to realize how connected you are to loving homeschoolers and embrace how we need each other.

Maybe you’re wondering if Taproot is for you. So let me give you a few more details to help you decide.

Taproot participants are both newbie and veteran homeschoolers seeking a homeschool experience for their children and families that is ROOTED in connection and creativity.

Schedule of Live Weekend

The live weekend includes presentations, demonstrations, and hands on activities on homeschooling rhythm, child development, inner work, puppet plays, handwork, main lesson block teaching for multiple age, and sharing stories.

And the Taproot library of workshops will be overflowing with so many wonderful topics, from foundational training in math, science, history and language arts, the temperaments, learning differences, main lesson blocks, handwork projects, the lively arts, and nature study. Join us and TAP into the flow, to be nourished from roots to branches to leaves!

  • 4 Days, August 5-8
  • 3 of those days, we’ll meet for 90 minutes from 2-3:30 pm Eastern time in the U.S.; then Saturday is a longer day from 10:30 to 3:30.
  • We’ll also have Breakout Rooms for small group conversations this year.
  • AND as I said, you get a Library of over 25 Workshops
  • The live weekend workshops will also be recorded for you to watch the replays

You can find more details about Taproot 2021 here.

Taproot FAQs 

When is the deadline for registration and how much does it cost?
The registration deadline for Taproot 2021 is July 31st. Cost is $247. We’re proud to offer scholarships and we gave away 3 full scholarships in May! So excited to be able to do that – to a single mom of a child with special needs, a mom with 6 kids, and a mom who lives in India. We’re happy to help these 3 families, and so happy to connect with families from all over the world.

How is Taproot 2021 Online different from year’s past?
Like last year, we are taking Taproot online due to the pandemic and our commitment to keeping families safe. Taproot 2021 will have both a LIVE weekend of virtual workshops Thursday-Sunday, plus a library of over 25 pre-recorded workshops and interviews from 12 amazing presenters. About 2/3 of the pre-recorded workshops are new this year for 2021, plus we’re bringing back some of last year’s favorites. All workshops will be recorded, included those from our live weekend, and you will have access to everything through March of 2022.

What if I can’t make it live, August 5th-8th? Can I watch after the event?
YES!! Everyone who registers will get access to all replays and recordings through March 2022. So you’ll have time to watch and rewatch, take in what you learn, and let the experience percolate down to your roots.

How do I get access to everything: the ebooks, replays, and recordings?
As soon as you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a link to login to the Taproot hub where you’ll find your ebooks ready and waiting for you. The two ebooks include my planning guide: Homeschool Simplicity Bundle; and Barbara Dewey’s Homeschooling with Waldorf: Getting Started. Throughout the LIVE weekend, replays of sessions will be uploaded as they become available.  The library of pre-recorded workshops goes live on Thursday, August 5th. And as I said, you’ll have access to all the recordings through March 2022.

Are the recorded workshops all new for 2021 or are some the same as Taproot 2020?
Of course all of the Live Sessions are all new material. And about 2/3 of the pre-recorded workshops are brand new for 2021.

What’s the best way to plan for joining in LIVE?
This year, we’ll be primarily in Zoom meeting mode where we’ll all see each other’s little squares! You’ll have the option of turning your camera on or off.  You’ll also be able to join in the chat with comments and questions. And we’ll also have opportunities for breakout room conversations throughout the weekend.

We encourage parents to plan ahead and treat this like a learning retreat for YOU. Lots of moms like to actually book a getaway for the weekend to treat themselves!

Remember, you’ll get the replays, too. You can come back to anything you miss or even listen again.

Taproot has touched so many over the years and become a really special event and helped to forge the Waldorf homeschooling movement.

If you want to hear the story behind this training, be sure to check out episode #41 of the podcast: How Waldorf Homeschoolers Always Find a Way to Make It Work

And if you have more questions that haven’t been answered here, please check out the registration page for Taproot 2021 for more details

With its welcoming and supportive atmosphere, Taproot is truly a magical experience no matter where it takes place! The foundation of commitment to helping you find ways to make homeschooling work for your family has been there from the beginning and carries through to this day.

I’ve witnessed over and over again how the acceptance, friendships, and hands-on experiences within a supportive community can give you the confidence and strength you need to continue learning and growing and bringing holistic homeschooling to your children. I hope if this kind of experience is calling you, that you’ll come join us at Taproot 2021 online and let this amazing experience become part of your professional development as a homeschooling parent.

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  1. Hi I am from India, Homeopath by qualification by now on a break, so I am SAHM to take care of my son care. My son is 6yrs old and he has been to a Waldorf kindergarten but now he is ready for grade 1 and there are no waldorf grade schools where I live. Hence I am considering homeschooling. I took 6 months of Waldorf teacher training at a school but couldn’t continue due to travel and financial stress. May I pls request to apply for help with any scholarships for your course if any available.

    1. Thanks for your question, Vandana. We have given out all of our scholarships for this year’s Taproot. We offer scholarships every year right when registration opens and announce the winners in May. I do hope you find a way to join us this year. We have so many wonderful workshops as part of Taproot 2021.

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