Today, I want to give you a taste of a coaching call with Jean (that’s me!).

I offer group coaching calls inside my Inspired at Home mentorship community (previously Homeschool with Waldorf). We meet once a month for community members to bring their questions and get in-depth answers to their unique homeschooling situation. It’s a very dynamic time and I just LOVE bringing my passion and support to these amazing home educators!

So here’s a taste of a coaching call with Jean!

In this coaching call, we discussed:

  • How to bring middle school main lessons to middle schoolers
  • What to do with a Kindergartener or preschooler while also teaching a child in the grades
  • How to Waldorf homeschool children of multiple ages

Honestly, I love what I do and how this community is coming together.

Just a few hours left to get your BONUSES when you join the community, Homeschool with Waldorf. Come get the training and support you need to keep your Waldorf homeschooling sustainable. With a new Masterclass, Plan Along, and Coaching Call every month.

Get all the details right here and come join us! ? Inspired at Home

If you have questions, please leave a comment as I’m ready to help and answer!

Some resources I mentioned in the call:

Weaning Our Children to Nurture Independent Learning

Essentials of Waldorf Early Childhood Education by Susan Howard (scroll down to page 6), an article from Gateways: a Newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America that you can find for free online at the Online Waldorf Library.

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A Taste of a Coaching Call with Jean

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