Have you ever wanted the opportunity to sit down with a homeschooling friend and talk about planning? Well, that’s exactly what Robyn of Waldorfish and I (Jean of Art of Homeschooling) got to do! And we did it on camera. So you could watch it, too. In this video, two homeschoolers talk about planning. Scroll down for the video…

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Robyn and I have been long-distance, virtual friends – we share a lot in common about our homeschooling philosophies. And we finally got to meet in person in Atlanta at the Waldorf Homeschool Conference in March 2019!

We talked and talked and TALKED during every spare second we had at the conference. And knew we needed to keep talking once we returned home! 

This video is the continuation of those conversations. The first of what we hope will be many more that we record and share with you 😉 

If you’re preparing to sit down and do some homeschool planning in the near future, consider starting with this video and a cup of tea!


2 Homeschoolers Talk About Planning


Highlights of our Conversation

0-10:28 Introduction. Robyn & Jean talk about the life events that led them both to Waldorf education, and ultimately to homeschooling.

11:30-15:00 Some common mistaken ideas we often hear about Waldorf-inspired homeschooling.

15:21-18:16 Curriculum? Pedagogy? What does “responsible innovation” mean for Waldorf homeschoolers?

18:20-21:42 Jean shares a story from her own homeschool years as it relates to planning.

21:48-24:53 Robyn talks about homeschooling in the freedom that Steiner intended… and a couple of foundational ideas to make this possible.

24:53-26:56 Jean shares some information about her planning and mentoring services.

29:25-30:20 Jean shares some thoughts about homeschooling being an ideal setting to bring forth the Waldorf pedagogy.

30:20-33:41 Some concluding thoughts from both Robyn & Jean!

Learn more about Robyn and Waldorfish here.

Want to join Jean for Plan It Out? The next live run-through will be June 9-28, 2019. Find more details on Plan It Out here.

How’s your planning going? What questions do you have about homeschool planning? We’d love to hear in the comments!



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your and Robyn’s conversation. It was both inspiring, grounding and honest. I use your homeschool planning guide and used Robyn’s Waldorf-ish site (the sixth grade geometry —wonderful— and will be using it again for seventh grade). Jean, you bring so much together when it comes to the Waldorf homeschooling. Please keep up the great work. My schooling improved because of you. And, the Waldorf-ish site is fulfilling a real need for homeschooling families! God bless you both!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I love hearing that my work is helpful. And honestly, it’s comments like this that fuel me. ? Robyn and I have more ideas for collaborating, too. To help homeschoolers cultivate creativity and connection with their families.

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