Our New Puppy

There’s nothing like a new puppy! All love and kisses and waggles and paws.

Our new puppy Gussy

Our new puppy.

His name is Gus. But he already has so many nicknames: Gusser, Mr. Gus-Gus, Gussy, Gussy Dussy, Pupper, Pupper Gusser, Gussifer, Gussy-Do, Gustopher…Pure love!

Gus loves to play and has a puppy friend down the street named Toby. They have playdates. Every time we go out for a walk now, Gus will sit down in Toby’s yard and wait.

The other day, Gus decided to simply lie down and look up at Toby’s house with his big puppy-dog eyes, longingly. I said things like, “Not today, Gus. Another time” and “We’ll set up another playdate soon, Gus. Come on now.”

Just like years ago when I had toddlers in the house!

Our new puppy

 And it got me thinking, isn’t that what we all want?

Isn’t it really all about connection?


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