I have a refrigerator magnet with this quote. It is such a good reminder that no matter what is going on around me, I can still have inner peace.

Inner Peace

Be calm in your heart. 

As homeschooling Moms, we want to put practices in place to help us find this inner peace. Rudolf Steiner refers to this as “inner work.” 

Looking for more ideas for self-care? I suggest you head on over to this post: My Tools for Self-Care.

Wishing you peace and connection on this day,

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  1. To be okay when it’s not okay . . . or whatever it was that Alison said. LOL

    Yes. Have been thinking about being at home in yourself and being able to take that groundedness with you wherever you go.

    Lovely – all of it – to think about today.

    Hoping you are warm and filled with peace.
    Love and light to you.
    Today and always.

    1. To be okay when it’s not okay. Or when we’re tired. Or when we feel overwhelmed. Taking the groundedness with you wherever you go is what I’m working on!

      At least the sun is shining but more snow and below zero temps predicted again for tomorrow. Spring will eventually come, I just know it will. Hope you have thawed out there!
      Love and light to you, my friend.

    1. Goes nicely with your recent post and Carrie’s post about overwhelm over at the Parenting Passageway. We do go through energy slumps for sure. Acceptance is the first step. Makes me think of a beautiful song “I will be gentle with myself; I will love myself. I am a child of the universe, being born each moment.” Peace to you!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany. And yes, it really helps that this quote is on my refrigerator. Helps me to remember that I can choose inner peace no matter what is going on all around me!

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