5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Holistic Homeschooling

This episode of the podcast answers your top FAQs about holistic homeschooling. Let’s dive in!

And I’d be curious to hear: what are your top questions about holistic homeschooling? Let me know!

Holistic Homeschooling FAQs

Over the years, I’ve heard lots of questions from parents just like you. Perhaps your questions are similar.

No matter where you are on your homeschooling journey, I think these holistic homeschooling FAQs and  tips will help you feel that you’re on the right track and that you’re not alone.


Question #1: Which curriculum should I buy?

  • There is no one perfect curriculum!
  • Ask around and then just choose one. Also accept that you may never use it completely as is. Most likely you’ll use about 60% of the material and the curriculum will become a resource or reference guide for you, rather than a day-to-day plan.
  • Moreover, understand that the real curriculum is the one you create when working with your children on a daily basis. Not the one you purchase

Question #2: When things seem to be falling apart, what are the most important things to fit in? What’s your “minimum baseline”?

  • Here are the most basic aspects of holistic homeschooling to consider:
    • Observe your children for what they need and make a simple plan.
    • Weave in the lively arts and stories.
    • Strengthen your rhythm to bring more predictability and peace to your homeschooling days.
  • Next, remind yourself of what’s most important to you. Think in 3s, pick 1! And post your list on a sticky note so you can ground yourself by coming back to what’s important, again and again.
  • Create a rule of thumb for a minimal baseline homeschooling day. I like the 30-30-30 guideline –30 minutes of reading, 30 minutes of math practice, and 30 minutes outdoors. And you’re good to go! (It could even be 20 minutes of each!)

Question #3: How can I teach multiple children and juggle different ages?

  • Find ways of overlapping some activities so that you can do some things together and some separately.
  • Ask older children to play with or read stories to the younger ones.
  • Consider your family to be your community. Do what you can to strengthen that sense of community.

Question #4: How can I feel more confident and know we’re on the right track?

  • If you’re bringing your children the best stories and hands-on artistic activities for their age, then you’ re on the right track!
  • Know that bringing more rhythm to your days will help you to stay on track.
  • Remember, confidence comes from experience! So be patient and gentle with yourself.

Remember, teaching is an art! It’s a creative process and it’s the doing that counts. 

Question #5: How do you stay the course and keep your enthusiasm high?

  • Know that homeschooling is where you have the most freedom to individualize your child’s education
  • Be light and playful. Bring surprises. Have fun. And laugh!
  • Take good care of yourself (with good sleep, exercise, healthy food, and fun).  Self-care is not selfish and it’s not an add-on for when you have extra time. (Because you won’t.) Above all, self-care helps you feel good so you can show up as your best self and be present for your children.

Self-care really increases your chances of this homeschooling gig working out for everyone in the long run.

I hope these holistic homeschooling FAQs provide just the reminders you need today.

So, remember…

You are not alone. 

You are exactly where you need to be.

You are exactly what your children need. 

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