Episode 183

Hi homeschooling friends! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten questions about foreign language learning at home.

So I’m really excited to share this episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast with you.

I had an opportunity to interview Jennifer Moscato of One Third Stories and she shared with me all about this unique approach to weaving foreign language into fun stories and activities, perfect for homeschoolers!

About My Guest

Jennifer Moscato is a former stay-at-home mom, reading teacher, literacy coach, and entrepreneur. Jennifer was thrilled to find One Third Stories, a company which is closely aligned with her passion for education and which allows her to share the joy of language learning with families using stories!

About One Third Stories

One Third Stories offers a monthly story box subscription including a story that starts in English and ends in the foreign language of your choice ~ French, Spanish, Italian, or German.

Each story box contains:

  • A beautifully illustrated storybook in two languages
  • A link to a digital audiobook narrated by a native speaker along with a glossary with audio pronunciation
  • Speaking games and activities to get kids talking and practicing pronunciation
  • Writing, drawing, coloring, and crafting activities inspired by the story

For the Art of Homeschooling community, One Third Stories is offering 20% off any product through the end of June 2024 with the code ART20.

Foreign Language Learning at Home

Below you’ll find highlights from this wonderful conversation all about foreign language learning at home.

1:18 ~ Foreign Language Learning at Home
2:59 ~ Jean introduces her guest, Jennifer Moscato of One Third Stories
3:37 ~ Jennifer shares her parenting journey, teaching experiences, and appreciation of Waldorf education
6:50 ~ Jean introduces One Third Stories and teaching foreign language through stories
9:11 ~ Summer is a great time to introduce a foreign language
10:52 ~ One Third Stories is a series of 12 books with vocabulary themes
12:12 ~ Jennifer introduces and shares a sample story
14:54 ~ The One Third Stories Approach to foreign language learning
17:17 ~ Jean shares her experience learning French as a student and discusses the current methods used to teach foreign language in brick and mortar schools
20:48 ~ Homeschooling as an opportunity to introduce a foreign language to young children in a fun and meaningful way
23:38 ~ Foreign language teaching methods in Waldorf education
26:01 ~ Resources available for incorporating culture into foreign language studies
28:23 ~ My favorite homeschool teaching methods, “couch time” and the lively arts
31:51 ~ My assistant, Sarah’s experience with One Third Stories in her homeschool
34:58 ~ Four things I like about One Third Stories
35:41 ~ Sibling Packs are available, too!
37:55 ~ 20% off offer for the Art of Homeschooling Community

You CAN Bring a Foreign Language to Your Children…

…even if you’re not a native speaker.

And stories are the perfect way!

“The aim of foreign language teaching in Steiner Waldorf schools is to encourage a positive attitude toward people of other cultures and languages, as well as fostering understanding generally through establishing the ability to empathize with another person’s perspective and way of seeing the world.”

~The Education Tasks and Content of the Steiner Waldorf Curriculum

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