Episode 171

Have you ever wondered how nature study lays the foundation for science?

I wondered this myself on my homeschooling journey.

In the early grades, I often felt like I was just stalling the learning. I thought I was supposed to hold off for a while before really digging into the core subjects that many of us associate with elementary school. Have you ever felt like that?

Once I began to understand the Waldorf method more clearly, I came to understand what’s often referred to as a spiral curriculum.

A spiral curriculum is one in which there is an iterative revisiting of topics, subjects, or themes over time. A spiral curriculum is not simply the repetition of a topic taught. It also requires the deepening of it, with each successive encounter building on the previous one.”

With the Waldorf approach, we start with experiences. Or as I like to say, the experience before the explanation.” 

That means with any subject, we want to craft experiences for our children that will spark an interest for later study. And teach preliminary skills in that subject.

With science, the experience to start with is nature study.

In this episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast, we’ll explore how nature study lays a strong foundation for the study of sciences later on.

Nature Study: The Foundation of Science

Nature study can be such a rich experience for a child’s development and learning.

Engaging with the natural world teaches children important lessons that extend far beyond academic knowledge, fostering a broad range of skills and values.

Listen to the podcast (you can click that play button above!) to hear more about these key benefits, lessons, and skills that children can learn through exploring, observing, and experiencing the natural world with their whole bodies.

What Does Nature Study Offer Children?

  • Observational Skills
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Patience & Focus
  • Creativity, Imagination, & Other Life Skills

More About Nature Study

If you’re feeling inspired by this idea of the spiral curriculum and nature study as the foundation of science, have a listen to Episode #91: How Can We Restore Connections Through Nature Study? You’ll hear more how-to tips for connecting with nature.

Want another fun and practical idea for getting out in nature? Check out Episode #105 to learn how to bring Nature-Inspired Found Poetry to your children.

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