Talking with the Team ~ Behind the Scenes

Welcome to this behind-the-scenes episode here on the Art of Homeschooling Podcast, Talking with the Team!

Today, I’m chatting with my two amazing assistants! Dominique joined the team at the end of 2018 and Sarah joined us about a year later in early 2020. I feel so honored that I get to help support two homeschooling families while they help me support you! 

In this episode of the podcast, we’re talking all about the idea that homeschooling variety and diversity are what make the world a beautiful place! Just like a garden!

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

~ Cicero

Variety in Homeschooling Strengthens the Movement

We all have such unique journeys and stories, strengths and passions! And celebrating those differences can help us build connections and grow.

Here on the Art of Homeschooling team, we’ve each experienced homeschooling differently and have different energy and interests. And this contrast makes our collective work as homeschoolers supporting homeschoolers so much more beautiful, poignant, and powerful.

So listen in to this super fun conversation with Dominique and Sarah, my team!

Below, you’ll find time stamps to follow along with the conversation, as well as some links to explore more.

Talking with the Team

  • 2:04 How did your homeschool journey start?
  • 5:42 How has your homeschool journey unfolded?
  • 12:58 What are your biggest strengths as a homeschooling parent?
  • 15:13 What does your day-to-day homeschooling life look like?
  • 17:54 What have been your favorite homeschooling memories or moments so far?
  • 22:20 What do you wish you had known when you started homeschooling?
  • 30:00 Let’s celebrate the variety in homeschooling and homeschoolers!
  • 30:19 How did you first connect with the Art of Homeschooling?
  • 35:46 What inspires you about our work at the Art of Homeschooling?
  • 39:42 We wrap up our conversation with a beautiful quote and reflection on diversity.

The garden which is pleasing to the eye and which makes the heart glad, is the garden in which are growing side by side flowers of every hue, form and perfume, and the joyous contrast of color is what makes for charm and beauty.

~ ‘Abdu’l-Baha (son of the founder of the Baha’i faith)

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More to Explore

Check out this beautiful song, Let All Associate, written and performed by one of Dominique’s homeschooling friends, which elaborates on the Baha’i quote above.

You can hear more about my own homeschool journey with all it’s ups and downs here in Episode #1: Homeschooling is a Journey.

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