Let Go of the Guilt

My invitation to you right now is to let go of the guilt! Just let it go because you cannot improve from a place of feeling lousy and low about yourself.

Here you’ll find a summary of my thoughts and suggestions from episode #104 of the Art of Homeschooling podcast, all about letting go of guilt as a homeschooling parent.

So welcome to the podcast and thanks for listening!

We do not improve by feeling bad about ourselves.”

Let Go and Shift the Narrative

As homeschoolers, taking time to reflect on your homeschooling days, seasons, and year is essential. And will give you the fresh start you need to continue showing up for your children every day.

Reflecting back:

  • Set aside time each week to reflect before looking ahead and planning.
  • Consider the past week, month, or main lesson block.
  • Ask yourself, “What went well? What challenges did we encounter? What unexpected learning occurred? And what am I grateful for?”
  • Be mindful that the guilt comes when we wish we’d done something differently.
  • Recognize that there is always some good in every challenging situation.
  • Focus on what you did do and what went well.

Letting go of the guilt:

  • It is possible to let go of homeschool guilt so you can start fresh each day from a place of inspiration and possibility.
  • Acknowledge where you are stuck and accept the situation as it is.
  • Say to yourself, “I can let go of the guilt. I can shift the narrative and take action to change.”
  • Then create a simple ritual to physically let go of the guilt. Try writing a few phrases on a piece of paper and then burning it or burying it in the garden. Use a bowl of warm water to mindfully wash your face or hands and cleanse yourself of the feelings of guilt by letting the water wash the guilt away.
  • Just being intentional about letting go can shift things.

Get curious!

Check out Episode #95, “Curiosity is the Best Remedy for Overwhelm” to further explore this mindset practice!

Going through this process of reflecting with a group of supportive homeschooling parents is so powerful! We do this every month in the Inspired at Home membership community. And members have expressed that the Reflections Coaching Calls are one of their favorite things about the community. Join us for guided reflections if you feel like you’re ready to shift the narrative in your own homeschooling!

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