Join Us at the Book Hearth

Hello friends! I’m collaborating with my dear friend and fellow teacher Alison Manzer on a new project. And we’re inviting you to join us at the Book Hearth!

Alison and I have taught classes and workshops together for years, online, in person, and at the Taproot Teacher Training every summer.

And we’ve created a really special way to share and experience stories for the homeschooling family.

We invite you to join us at the Book Hearth where we show you how to bring stories, lessons, and experiences to your students all designed around one book so that you can craft the learning with more ease and keep your homeschooling simple, inspiring, and doable.

So listen in to this enlightening conversation with Alison as we discuss our own literacy journeys, how we shared stories with our own kids while homeschooling, how the seed of the Book Hearth idea was planted, and how we developed our approach.

I hope you can feel the warmth and love radiating from this conversation! Hit play above, follow along with the chapter highlights below, and check out the links for more about the Book Hearth!

Join us at the Book Hearth: Highlights

  • 1:16 Introducing the Book Hearth!
  • 1:48 The importance of books in our lives & families
  • 2:23 Jean & Alison each share their experiences growing up with books and learning to read
  • 8:06 The experience of the Book Hearth as an archetypal, ancient way of gathering around stories
  • 11:00 How stories meet the developmental stages of our children
  • 14:28 The development of literacy skills and mechanics
  • 18:37 The Book Hearth workshops & guides
  • 20:28 Who is the Book Hearth workshop for?
  • 23:19 Our approach to literature & the 5 key pillars of the Book Hearth
  • 24:47 Pillars 1 & 2 of the Book Hearth: Story & Self, Whole to Parts
  • 26:01 Pillar 3: Senses
  • 27:39 Pillar 4: Strengths
  • 31:03 Pillar 5: Sharing
  • 34:00 Our Book Hearth books for Fall 2022
  • 36:21 We hope you’ll gather with us or with your own family around the Book Hearth

If you like these ideas, please check out more here!

Listen in as Alison and I discuss the book I am Coyote at the Book Hearth. A free guide to the book with ideas and resources is included! It’s all here on Episode 16 of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast, Stories Make Great Teachers.

The doors are open to our Fall 2022 Book Hearth Workshops and you can get all the details about registration here.

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