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Inspiration from Day One

I picked out some highlights from the three lectures given by Rudolf Steiner on Day One of the Teacher's Seminar in August of 1919. We want to have a living interest in everything happening today. This is a method of ... Read More
Poetry Teatime and Found Poetry - a great combination!

Writing Found Poetry with Children

In the Waldorf method, children learn to read their own writing before reading books. The idea is that children have a memory connection to words they have written and so it increases the possibility of success and reduces the pressure ... Read More
Verses for Lessons, Mealtimes, and Bedtime

Verses for Touch Points Throughout Your Day

Rhythm allows us to get in sync with one another. And what exactly is rhythm? It's an easily recognized, regular pattern. Poems and verses contain rhythm within, and they are great tools to help us bring rhythm to our days. They ... Read More
Waldorf Story Content for Each Grade

Waldorf Story Content for Each Grade

In the afternoon sessions of the 14-day Seminar Course, Rudolf Steiner spoke informally to the teachers and they had an opportunity to ask questions. On this first afternoon, Steiner gives the Waldorf story content for each grade. Steiner states that ... Read More
The Lively Arts

Making Homemade Play Dough

When my kids were little, I was always making homemade play dough so that we would have some on hand. We could explore and create for hours with this modeling substance. We would roll it out, use cookie cutters, shape ... Read More
Simplicity Sundays

The Strength to Carry On

Every February in the early years of our homeschooling, I would find myself visiting schools! Just to have a look. Just to see if school might be a better fit for us than this crazy life of all being jumbled ... Read More
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Teaching is Communication from Soul to Soul

It is Day One of Steiner’s lectures to the teachers in the very first Waldorf School, August of 1919, now published as Practical Advice to Teachers. Steiner emphasized that these afternoon talks deal specifically with teaching methods. Here are some ... Read More
Making Needle Felted Hearts

Making Needle Felted Hearts

Have you ever tried needle felting? It's really quite rewarding. So, in honor of Valentine's Day, here are simple instructions for making needle felted hearts with your children. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if ... Read More
Academically Weaning Our Children to Nurture Independent Learning

Academically Weaning Our Children to Nurture Independent Learning

Ok, so this post is not about breastfeeding and weaning. It's about teaching and learning. But many times over these years of homeschooling (and my first "baby" turned 24 yesterday!), I've wondered how exactly one goes about "weaning" our children ... Read More
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Teaching is a Moral and Spiritual Task

Many thanks to my friend Alison who is joining me on this adventure! It’s great to have a partner on this project and we’re hoping you’ll join us by leaving comments. Today we're acknowledging the moral and spiritual task of ... Read More